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Gudhjem is not exactly a city; rather it is a small town on the northern coast of the Baltic island, Bornholm. As this is a small town, the population is only 1,000 approximately. It may only be a small town, but it is a popular tourist attraction. A large number of people come from all over the world to see the steep but scenic streets of the town. Tourism is a source of income here. It is also a fishing port, so fishing is the biggest industry. You can get a car for hire in Gudhjem and enjoy the beauty of this small but attractive place.

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You will be surprised that you can get a car in such a small place. It’s easy, as you just have to browse the internet. Many websites have rates for a car rental in Gudhjem. You can compare the prices and get the lowest price. Some companies deal with big places only, but there are a few which offer their services all around the world, no matter if the places are small or large. Book your car online and be free of transportation worries.

Gudhjem attractions

Guhdjem is a small place, but it has many things for its visitors. The most important is the scenic beauty. You will not find a lot of hustle and bustle here, like in big cities, but a calm and peaceful environment, which we all love. You can enjoy roaming around and the harbor of the city. The old harbor was destroyed by a storm, and this new harbor is almost a century old. It provides a safe support for the whaling and fishing boats. If you love fishing, you must visit this place. You will be surprised to learn that this small town has its own museum. Yes, the Oluf Host Museum is a great attraction for visitors. Another reason behind the popularity of this small town is smoked herring. Smoked herring was prepared in Gudhjem for the first time in the smokehouses of the town. However, since 1840, smoked herring production has been shifted to Copenhagen.

Rent a car in Gudhjem and enjoy the beauty of town

If you hire a car in Gudhjem, you can see the natural beauty of the place. Just drive around and you will find so many attractive things. From steep streets to a beautiful harbor, it offers many attractions. Gudhjem has the largest windmill of Denmark, built here in 1893. And the neighboring cities Allinge, Roenne and Svaneke are all easy to get to from Gudhjem with a rental car.

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