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Are you thinking about traveling for some rest and relaxation? Well, if you think you have visited all the wonderful places in the world, there’s still one more. Tymvou, Cyprus is another one of the best places where you could roam around, enjoy yourself and get to see other wonderful things. But getting a car for rent in Tymvou will make things happen for you more easily.

Rent a car in Tymvou and discover more

Tymvou is a village in the district of Nicosia situated in the central part of Cyprus. It lies mainly in the de facto of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There are actually lots of places to see, and the weather is simply wonderful, sunny, yet a bit cold, which will help you relax and enjoy your stay. The only thing is that you should arm yourself with one thing that can help you travel fast and easy. However, there’s no need for you to buy new car. All you only need to do is arrange a car for hire in Tymvou.

Remembering History

Before you tour the place, it would be best for you to learn more about the history of Tymvou. The place’s name is believed to be established from the tombs situated in the caves and caverns of the northern village near the airport. The first records of the name could be found on a document dating from the Frankish occupation of the island throughout the reign of King Jacob II. The document settled the feudal rights of the place to Pierre Coul. Throughout the Ottoman era, it was then a large ciflik, that is, a farming area, which included in the whole village and belonged to a wealthy landowner, Demetris Pavlides in 1813. In 1821, it had already become the local Turkish Administrator Halil Shindar’s property. However, it was taken back by the Greek when the Turkish rule ended. The village’s Greek population increased from 278 up to 1288 in 1973. A church is also dedicated to Saint George, which was built in 1975. The only thing is that, some of the icons of the church are dated back to 17th and 18th century. You are able to get the historical places in Tymvou; just get yourself rent a car in Tymvou.

Explore, Shop and Enjoy

Explore all the different places in Tymvou where you will enjoy adventures. If you hire a car in Tymvou, everything will be easy for you. You could get to places where you can do fun stuff. There are malls you could go through and start shopping, as well as events that could feed your eyes with colors, and talented and warm people you could get to know. So, getting car rental in Tymvou, Cyprus would be the best thing for you to starting doing.

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