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Along the coast between Polis and Cape of Akamas lies Latchi. This is a region with a rich history and home to deep mythology. The little fishing village sits on the northwest of the island of Cyprus and is part of the Polis municipality. The town is named after the old Greek word for water. Farmers would stop over en route to market for their cattle to get fresh water here. Latchi also used to be the harbour of Polis and served as a shipping port for valuable goods like carob.

Discover serenity with a car for hire in Latchi

Latchi has become a favourite tourist destination. It offers a serene getaway from the stresses of life, and its simplicity is just very relaxing. The beautiful beaches with the crystal clear seas make it an ideal hideout. Coupled with very pocket friendly offers, this makes Latchi irresistible. Latchi is easily accessible by car from Phapos airport. Other getaways you can access through this airport include Limassol and Paphos.

Famous attractions in Latchi

Latchi’s famous attractions are deeply entwined with its mythical history. The baths of Aphrodite lie to the west of the village. These are said to have been where the goddess used to bathe before her marriage to Hephaestus and where she later found her lover Adonis. You can rent a car in Latchi to get to the Akamas National Park, named after the son of Theseus. It is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, butterflies, and reptiles.

Things to do in Latchi

Most of the things to do here are water based, as the village lies along the coast. Water sports are among the favourites, with diving, snorkelling, surfing, and scuba diving being the most popular. A boat tour will help you explore the rugged coastline while you enjoy a great barbeque on board. The beaches are very enticing, as you can relax and sunbathe or go for a swim in the crystal clear waters. A car for rent in Latchi will come in handy when you want to access the best points like restaurants in town.

Hire a car in Latchi and drive to interesting places

This is predominantly a fishing village. Sea food forms a large part of the local cuisine. Most restaurants will have a fresh fish aroma wafting out from their kitchens. La Plage Restaurant is a perfect dining location, with the tastiest fresh fish and best sea food menu. You can also enjoy cocktails at the bar during the night as you savour the beauty of the sea and its marvels. Drive into Polis for some fine dining at the Elia Latchi Holiday village.

Latchi is a serene village. Its night life is also a bit laid back, with just a few bars and pubs where you can enjoy a drink. Discos are mainly open during the summer, but some hotels offer family evening entertainment on particular nights. An evening drive to Argaka using a good vehicle from a car rental in Latchi will be pleasing to the eye. It’s very relaxing, as you enjoy a serene environment and gear up for more sunbathing during the day. This will surely be an exciting and relaxing holiday for you.

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