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Christopher Columbus was right when he declared it “the most beautiful land eyes have ever seen”; he was pointing to the eastern most mountainous territory of Cuba, the Holguín region. Holguín city houses so many wonderful parks that it is nicknamed the ‘city of parks’. Home to several colonial era structures, Holguín is famous for housing some of the best museums in Cuba. This popular region is known for some of the finest raw natural beaches in the world.

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Popular visiting places the city include the Art Deco Theatre, the Museo Provincial Museum and the Carlos de’ la Torre National History Museum. A large collection of colorful seashells is on display at the Carlos de’ la Torre National History Museum, while the Museo Provincial Museum is home to some of the most valuable art crafts known. There is an endless list of places around Holguín city which are worth a visit. However, it is advisable to hire a car in Holguínand plan excursions into the neighboring resorts as well. These outdoor trips are the true adventure of the stay at Holguín.

Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is perhaps the biggest single attraction to the region of Holguín. It is kind of a dream come true scenario for many. Bahia de Naranjo Park offers the rare chance to swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat. Many people from remote corners of the world come here, only to avail themselves of this opportunity and experience this adventure of a lifetime. Synchronized performances by groups of dolphins are very popular shows to watch here. Tourists are delighted to watch the spectacular view of the sunset from the shores, and the brilliant series of the resultant changing colors from pink to orange to gold.

Burial grounds of Arawak

The historical archaeological site and the accompanying museum of Chorro de Maita is world famous. The ancient burial site of the Arawak Indians is a world heritage site and is popularly frequented by researchers, historians, and the tourists alike. The excavation of the site has contributed a large number of artifacts, which are on display at the museum. This is the most significant burial site of ancient Indian tribes in the entire Caribbean. Using a car rental in Holguínis a good way to plan an exploration of the burial site.

Book a car for hire in Holguínand visit Banes and Guardalavaca

In order to gain the maximum out of your stay, you should arrange a car for rent in Holguín and visit the adjoining resort areas like Banes and Guardalavaca. Banes is a town famous for being home to museums like the Cuban Indian Museum and Guardalavaca is famous for a coastline of tranquil, white sandy beaches. Both these and many other such places are located in the area and are easily accessible. We have made it very simple to book a car for all such trips through our online process. Choose from a large pool of rental companies, offering very economical deals and packages. We are here to assist you to make a trip to Holguín more fun and enjoyable.

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