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Pula refers to a city in the county of Istria in Croatia. It the biggest city in this county and is renowned for is unspoiled nature, mild climate and smooth seas. It boasts of a long tradition of shipbuilding, wine making, tourism as well as fishing. Pula also doubles as the administrative centre for the Istria region the Roman occupation. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity with the city of Pula include Venice, Ljubljana, Padova, Zagreb and Bologna.

Exploring attractions with car for hire in Pula

There are a number of amazing attractions in Pula. One of these attractions is Pula which refers to a massive Roman Amphitheatre. It was used as a quarry in the fifteenth century but it was restored later on. It also referred to as the Arena of Pula. The other attraction in Pula is the Arch of Sergi locally known as Slavoluk obitelji Sergijevaca. The Triumphal Arch of Sergius was constructed in the first century B.C. The monument stands in honor of the Sergi family members. To get these attractions you need to rent a car in Pula.

Must visit attraction in Pula

The Archaeological Museum of Istria also known as Arheoloski Muzej Istre is in actual sense one of the original gates of Porta Geminna. These gates served the purpose of being the entry points to the ancient Roman town. The museum has a number of archaeological artifacts that date as far back as the Prehistoric times to the Middle Ages and are from Istria and Pula. The artifacts have a bias for the second to sixth centuries. The other attraction is the Temple of Romae and Augustus or Roman Forum which is referred to in the local dialect as Augustov Hram. The Roman forum is still one of the major meeting points in Pula today. It was constructed as a dedication to the Emperor Augustus and the goddess Roma. To get to these attractions you need to hire a car in Pula.

Other notable attractions in Pula

There are a number of other attractions in Pula. The Monastery and Church of St Francis or Sv Frane was constructed in the early fourteenth century. The church features Romanesque style structure that contains Gothic decorations including a Gothic rose window. The church is a magnificent architectural marvel from the Gothic Period; the church also features 3 apses which boast of a fifteenth century wooden altar. The monastery on the other hand, plays host to a collection of stone monuments as well as recreations of Istrian Murals. To get to this attraction you need car rental in Pula.

Getting to other attractions with car for rent in Pula

There is just no shortage of attractions in Pula. Other attractions that are a must visit in the city of Pula include the Chapel of St Mary of Formosa, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Castle and Historical Museum of Istria also known as Povijesni Muzej Istre in the local tongue among other attractions.

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