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Malpaís, Costa Rica, which was once a cattle-farming and fishing village, is now host to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Not only have the surfers and the adventurers called this place remarkable, but Forbes Magazine has also listed Malpaís as “one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.” The name Malpaís is Spanish for “bad land,” which was given to the place because the rivers and beaches that flowed in the beach used to dry up in the summer. But now, it’s almost a sin to call this paradise a bad land.

Why rent a car in Malpaís

If you want to enjoy Malpaís in its truest sense, renting a car is a must. The reason is that it would be too tiring to explore Malpaís on foot, and the town has so much to offer that hailing cabs and buses might prove to be very expensive. From stunning beach to restaurants with delicious cuisine, from exquisite shopping malls to amazing nightclubs, the city is full of excitement and entertainment. Therefore, walking around will only hold you back in enjoying this gorgeous place. Hence, getting a car for hire in Malpaís is the best way to enjoy this remarkable city.

Surfer’s Paradise

Equipped with a long beach, amazingly consistent waves, and a good swell, Malpaís is one beach that you cannot just miss. Covered with beautiful seashells, with fresh vegetation growing alongside the coastline, Malpaís gives surfers and tourists a wonderful experience. You can either relax on the beach and enjoy the sun or wait for the perfect wave to ride it—no matter what you do, the experience will be unforgettable.

Other activities at Malpaís

The awesome beach is just the beginning of the fun at Malpaís, because there are many water sports to die for. Fishing tours, scuba diving, sport fishing, snorkeling, and surfing with kites are all examples of the fun that visitors and locals alike have around this town. If you are not so much into water, no need to worry. There are many land-based activities to enjoy in this magnificent city such as canopy tours, quad biking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and some hiking trails. Nightlife at Malpaís is one of a kind, with bars and parties going on all night long, and your nights will be filled with fun and thrill. If you want some quiet time, then at night, the beaches can serve as a perfect romantic getaway, and with your loved one, you can enjoy a dreamy peaceful time.

How to hire a car in Malpaís

You can very easily search online for car rental in Malpaís and book a car for yourself. This way, you can plan your trip however you want. Enjoying can be difficult if you don’t have a car for rent in Malpaís, and having your own car will not only solve your transportation problems but also let you drive to the neighboring cities of Malpaís such as Tambor, Cobano, Cabuya, Playa Tambor, and Paquera, which also have a lot of legendary experiences to offer.

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