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Liberia refers to the capital as well as the largest city in Guanacaste province. It is locally known as “la ciudad blanca” which when loosely translated to English is taken to mean the white city due to the practice by its residents to use white gravel to make the roads of the city as well as the white washed colonial houses. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity to the city of Liberia include San Jose, Managua, Tegucigalpa, Soyapango and San Salvador.

Getting to attractions with car for rent in Liberia

The city of Liberia is home to a number of attractions. One of these attractions is Agonía Church which holds the record of being the oldest church in the whole of Liberia. The other attraction is the Central Park which is home to the Church of Mary’s Immaculate Conception. The other attraction is the Guanacaste Day which falls on the twenty fifth of July and which is celebrated with a traditional horse parade which is known as tope in the local tongue, cattle auction, rural fair and musical performances. The celebration has one attraction that draws crowds and this is the Bull fight and unlike the matadors of Spain, the bull fights in Costa Rica do not feature the killing of the bull. To get to these attractions you need to hire a car in Liberia.

Other popular attractions in Liberia

There are a number of other attractions in Liberia. One such attraction is the Liberia Art Center which refers to a very large complex which features craft merchants as well as art galleries. Some of the crafts that are featured from the area include pottery from the Guatil area, as well as local woodwork as well as paintings. To get to this attraction you need to rent a car in Liberia.

Must see attractions in the city of Liberia

The other attraction in the city of Liberia is the Liberia International airport. This airport is the secondary airport that is used to complement the San Jose Airport during times when it is too busy to handle all the traffic. Visitors who arrive via the Liberia International will be glad they did because they will have access to some of the best beaches and beach resorts in Costa Rica. To get to these attractions you need car rental in Liberia.

Getting to other attractions in Liberia with car for hire in Liberia

There are a number of other popular attractions in and around Liberia including Nactionnal Santa Rosa, Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja, Parque Nacional Guanasate, Witches Rock, and much more.

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