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Kinshasa, located in the Congo (Democr. Republic), is a fabulous tourist destination in the Sub-Sahara terrain of Africa. Not only do you have urbane attractions to take note of, but you also have a lot of natural scenic sightseeing spots to visit in the area. What makes Kinshasa one of the most preferred destinations in the African continent is that it has a predominantly French- and English- speaking population, so you will feel equally at home as you would when you tour an American or a British city. You can certainly make the most of your time with a car rental in Kinshasa and have a glorious vacation.

Rent a Car in Kinshasa and Move Around Downtown

Kinshasa has both rural segments and cosmopolitan districts effortlessly blended in the cityscape that it offers you. The La Gombe District is a beautiful place for you to shop, eat, celebrate panache and style, and catch a local movie at some of the grand amphitheaters housed in the town’s malls. The Boulevard du 30 Juin is yet another trendy shopping spot in the city. Noteworthy attractions that you must not miss while you tour Kinshasa are the People’s Palace, the Lumumba Monument and the Limete Symbol, the Kinshasa University campus, and many other such places. Kinshasa also has a large number of verdant parks and kids’ play areas for you to visit if you’ve come to town with your family and kids in tow.

Visit the Lola ya Bonobo Conservatory

The endemic bonobo species in Kinshasa are left orphaned with the wanton cutting of forests and trees in the guise of urbanization. In 1994, Claudia Andre started the Lola ya Bonobo Mission to conserve and protect the bonobo and help increase their number. Presently located in the sylvan surroundings of the Petites Chutes de la Lukaya, a set of tiny waterfalls where the bonobos live in their natural environment, the Lola ya Bonobo is a place you must definitely visit with a car for hire in Kinshasa.

Visit the Kinkole Village in the Vicinity

If you want to experience rural life in Kinshasa, drive to Kinkole and marvel at the small settlements, the thatched wood huts, the trivial fishing communities, and the delicious local food served to you at dirt cheap prices in the restaurants. Visitors often come here to relax and unwind. Sometimes, you can befriend a few locals (requires a certain level of proficiency in Lingala, the official dialect) and fish with them in the Congo River. Touring about Kinkole and the countryside warrants a car for rent in Kinshasa.

Hire a Car in Kinshasa and Visit Other Cities Nearby

You can also visit places such as Sibiti, Matadi, Bolobo, and Bandundu in Congo for a truly African extravaganza, especially with a car on hire to take you to these places anytime you want to. Note that all these cities might not have the same level of sophistication as Kinshasa. As Kinshasa is located on the international borders of Angola, you can visit cities such as Cuimba and Quimbele after securing a visa. With a trip to Kinshasa, you are sure to have a fun-filled holiday in the backdrop of nature.

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