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The Democratic Republic of Congo, previously known as Zaire, is a must visit country for adventure lovers and the daredevils. The country has always been in a state of turmoil and upheaval due to unstable political situations. But this has not changed the attitude of the countrymen. They are spirited and welcoming to the international travelers. The rich culture with its traditional art forms makes for a trip that would make you realize just how diverse and beautiful this country is. Moreover, the three cities which must be paid a visit while holidaying in this country are Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, and Mbuji-Mayi.

Visit Kinshasa with Car Rental in Congo (Democr. Republic)

Travel to the beautiful city called Kinshasa just by getting a car for rent in Congo (Democr. Republic). The main attraction is the bonobos sanctuary called Lola ya Bonobo. It houses 52 bonobos who have no one to look after them. In this sanctuary the bonobos are cared by generous people who support the sanctuary. It is truly wonderful to see the close bond between these animal and humans. It is the only sanctuary of its kind in the world which is why animal lovers should definitely visit this center.

Lubumbashi: Getaway for the Football Lovers

Congo is no different from the other African nations when it comes to love for football. In fact, the home team of Lubumbashi, TP Mazembe, is one the best club’s in the continent of Africa. So it is worth catching up a match of the football team in their home stadium of Stade Frederic Kibassa Maliba. So plan a visit to this second largest city in Congo (Democr. Republic) if you love football.

Mbuji-Mayi: The Diamond City

Every tourist who travels to this country should visit the city of Mbuji-Mayi. It is a commercial city that handles diamond mining and its production in Congo. Every visitor should rent a car in Congo (Democr. Republic) and visit one of these mines. And if you are really lucky, you just might get the chance to see an unpolished and uncut diamond.

Arrange for a Car for Hire in Congo (Democr. Republic) in Advance

The beautiful Democratic Republic of Congo is a true paradise for diamond lovers, especially centers like Kisangani and Kananga. The country itself is like an unpolished diamond that lacks the shine due to poverty. But once you visit this country and experience its rich culture, you will realize how truly precious this country is. So, hire a car in Congo (Democr. Republic) and make your way to the charming cities, locales, and neighborhoods.

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