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Founded in 1525, Santa Marta is a city with a rich history. The city is surrounded by mountains and the sea. This gives it a pleasant climate with lots of sunshine and a cooling breeze from the sea. The sunsets are especially magical during the high peak season of December-January. Due to its beauty, the city has been nicknamed ‘America’s pearl’.

Arriving in a vehicle from a car rental in Santa Marta

Simón Bolívar Airport is five minutes from the city. It can handle only three airplanes at a time. It is thus easy to drive from there to the high end hotels of the city. It is also possible to access the city through connecting flights from Bogota, Medellin, or Cali. A visitor arriving in Columbia through any of its international airports can also make a connection to Santa Marta by road. The roads in the county are surprisingly good.

Historic places to see in the city

Among the city’s attractions, the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, now housing the Bolivariano Museum is of utmost importance. It was Simon Bolívar’s last house and named as a museum in his honour. It contains many of his belongings. The surrounding gardens have many local bird species. The Customs House, also known as the La Casa de la Aduana, houses the Tyrona Museum. Built in 1530, it is America’s oldest house and a must see. The cathedral and Madam Agustine’s house are other must visit historical sites.

Other places of interest

Tyrona Natural National park is one of Columbia’s most important ecological reserves. It has its own tropical forest, virgin beaches, and camping zones. The park is also home to a pre-Columbian archaeological site which was a city. This park is 34 km from the city and so can be accessed with a car for rent in Santa Marta. Another common attraction is Taganga town. It is a few kilometres from the city and can be accessed with a car for hire in Santa Marta. It is perfect for fishing, sunbathing, and other water activities on the beach. Another must-not-miss place is Acuario El Rodadero. This is a place you can swim with the dolphins.

Towns you can get to when you hire a car in Santa Marta

Many people use Santa Marta as a jump-off to other places. Howeve, you can arrange a trip to see the city for a few days before moving on to other places. Other cities to visit after Santa Marta include Ciudad Perdida, the great Hispanic city. Barranquilla is another tourist destination within easy reach from Santa Marta.

Like any other trip, it is important to make arrangements well in advance. Read about the city, book flights, and rent a car in Santa Marta, if necessary, days or weeks before the planned date of arrival. This will help you in ironing out any hitches that may come up. This will ensure a pleasant, stress free and memorable trip.

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