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Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. As such, it has a large population of more than 7 million. It is also physically the biggest city in Latin America. Moreover, Bogota is a modern city with busting activity, thus suitable for business. It is also filled and surrounded by historical, cultural and scenic features, making it a spectacular and ideal destination for a vacation.

Reason to hire a car in Bogotá

The city of Bogota is located on a high plateau at 2625 metres above sea level. This gives the city a subtropical highland climate. The temperatures range from 3 to 20 degrees. The city has both dry and wet seasons. However, the daily weather is quite unpredictable. This makes it necessary to have a vehicle within reach at all times. Even with erratic weather, the beauty of the city is unmistakable.

Unique physical features in Bogotá

Bogotá is surrounded by the biggest moorland in the world, located at the Southern side of the city. On the eastern side, Bogotá lies next to the area commonly referred to as the Savannah of Bogotá. River Bogotá crosses the Savannah to form the spectacular Tequendama Falls on the north. The northern side of the city extends to the towns of Sopot and Chia. However, running from south to north and parallel to mount Guadalupe and Monserrate are hills that limit the city’s growth. These hills and the other physical features make an enjoyable tour with a vehicle from a car rental in Bogotá.

Bogotá’s charming features

Bogotá has many interesting historic and artistic sites. Some of the outstanding historic must-visit places include churches and museums. These include the Santa Clara, built in the 17th century, the richly decorated Santa Ignacio, and Santa Agustin, one of the oldest churches in Columbia. The Museo Nacional de Columbia and Museo Del Oro are just two of numerous museums within the city. The city is also a home to many libraries, botanical gardens, parks, not to mention the Bogotá philharmonic orchestra, among other things of interest. All the places worth visiting are easily accessed with a car for rent in Bogotá through the clearly named roads.

Other places to visit with a car for hire in Bogotá

On a vacation, it is vital to drive out of the city to the cathedral of Zipaquira. This is an underground salt cathedral which is 23m high and can hold 10,000 people. The San Agustin archaeological park is another place of interest. It contains historical statues and is believed to have been burial grounds for warriors from ancient times. The town of Villa de Leyva, with its historic Boyacá Bridge, fossil museum, and a monastery is also a dreamy place to visit.

A visit to Bogotá and surrounding cities is immensely interesting. You can never get bored, especially if you rent a car in Bogotá. There are numerous crooks and nooks to explore at all times.

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