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It is quite astonishing that only thirty years ago Shenzhen was a simple fishing village with little or no economic prospects. But today it is among the powerhouses that fuel the economic growth of China. Located in the Guangdong province, the city is also a major tourist destination as it offers many unique and one of kind attractions to tourists. There is plenty to do here, and you won’t find a single day, let alone an hour, here in Shenzhen when you can rest as there is so much to do and see. You should really get a car for hire in Shenzhen to discover the many hidden delights of the city.

Visit the historic sites when you hire a car in Shenzhen

The city of Shenzen is chock full of historical places which can be attributed to the fact that the city has played significant roles in all the important events of the country through its long history. You can start your historical tour of the city with the Tomb of the Young Song Emperor. Here you will learn about numerous tales, all different from one another, about how the emperor died. The Tomb was discovered during the Cultural Revolution but was ignored due to more pressing demands and was renovated in 1980. Another place that you ought to go to is Dapeng Fort, which has been kept in perfect pristine condition. Built in 1394, it was like many other forts in the area protecting region around the Pearl River, and you should visit it to walk on its battlements and enjoy the picturesque view of the city.

Local cultural scene

The city of Shenzhen features a strong and vibrant culture which you can observe at one of the many theatres that are found here. You can catch brilliant, colorful and extravagant plays and performances at the Grand Theatre, the Shenzhen Cantonese Opera Troup and also enjoy the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. But you will love the incredible Poly Theatre here, which has a curious egg shaped building that makes it more irresistible for the tourists. Popular shows here include musicals and Russian dramas by the Russian Army Troupe.

The beaches

The beaches of Shenzhen are among the best in all of China, which is why when you are here you should get a car rental in Shenzhen from a local company so that you can travel to its many beaches. You will be delighted to know that some of the beaches are peaceful, with little or no tourist activity, making your experience on these beaches serene, peaceful and calm. Do visit the Xichong Beach here which will take about 30 minutes to reach from the city. Though the beach is less developed, you will be able to enjoy it nevertheless. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters or just walk beside the shoreline for an unforgettable experience.

Rickshaws are so yesterday, get a car for rent in Shenzhen

If you are to spend your vacations here then we recommend that you rent a car in Shenzhen. The reason is that there are so many attractions in the city that you will probably end up spending a lot of your money on using public transport and the cabs as well. Since you might not get another opportunity to visit this beautiful city, it would be imprudent to hastily visit an attraction and then proceed to the next one just because the last bus back to your hotel will leave in an hour. You can also travel to nearby cities like Kowloon, Victoria, Danshui, Humen and Zhuhai in your rental car.

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