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The People’s Republic of China is a country in East Asia with a massive 9,010 mile coast facing the South China Sea, East China Sea, and the Yellow Sea. It shares borders with 14 different nations. The climate varies vastly with the changing landscape. You could be freezing in the Himalayas, sweating buckets in the Mekong Delta, or burning up in the arid heat of the Gobi Desert. It snows in Beijing in the winter, but not in Shanghai. Beijing is warm in the summer, while Shanghai is hot and humid. Around 20.2 million of the country’s 1.34 billion population live in Beijing. Get a car for hire in China so that you can move around easily in Beijing, Shanghai and Xian.

Rent a Car in China for a Stay in Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China and the second largest city after Shanghai. With more than three thousand years of history and culture on offer, tourists will be kept very busy in Beijing. Get a car for rent in China so that you can make the most of this visit. No doubt you have the Great Wall of China and the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City on your mind. Head straight for Tiananmen Square, and do not miss Qianmen Gate. The CCTV Building is a major landmark, and so is the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium. The Badaling section of the Great Wall is about an hour and a half from Beijing. Most tourists also want to get a taste of Beijing roast duck, better known as the Peking Duck.

Puxi vs. Pudong in Shanghai

Shanghai is a city of contrasts, where the old and the new vie for space and your attention. As the country’s commercial hub and largest city, it is a modern metropolis with skyscrapers, office towers, and luxury hotels. This is Pudong, on the east of Huangpu River. Modern landmarks worth a look-see include the Oriental Pearl Tower and Jin Mao tower. The area on the other side is called Puxi, the old city with the riverfront colonial buildings of Bund and Jing'an Temple. Do not miss a shopping spree on Nanjing Road nearby. Relatively new is the Expo Park, which was built for the Shanghai World Expo.

Face Up to the Terracotta Army in Xi’an

Xi’an is one of the four ancient capitals of China, famous as the eastern end of the ancient Silk Road. It has many historic attractions, but none as famous as the Museum of Terracotta Warriors and their horses. These are life-size terracotta figures of warriors arranged in battle formation. They were discovered as part of an archeological dig and have been dated to be from the Qin Dynasty in 211-206 BC.

Hire a Car in China for Island Trips

It is highly unlikely not to have enough to do or see in mainland China. But if you must take a holiday, a visit to Hainan-Haikou Island comes highly recommended. Book your car rental in China right now and plan for a seaside holiday in Sanya, the main resort in Hainan. You could also hop to Hong Kong, which is a must-visit, if this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip to China.

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