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The city of Valdivia was founded in 1552. However, history shows that it was in existence way before its founding. It is located at the junction of Calle-calle, Cau-cau, and Cruces rivers, which come together to form the Valdivia River which drains in the Ocean 14 km away. It is surrounded by hills on all sides except the one that joins the flat lands of San Jose de la Mariquina. The city is often referred to as the Chile’s most beautiful city, or the Pearl of the South.

Hire a car in Valdivia for an easy stay

You can arrive at Valdivia by ship, train, or air. There are trains that connect the city with other towns such as Orsono, Santiago and Puerto Montt. Pichoy Airport, 32 km from the city, is the main airport in the area. The nearest port is 15 km away. Whichever way you arrive, you will need a vehicle to get to the city. It is thus wise to hire a vehicle which you can pick at any entry point.

Historical and cultural attractions in Valdivia

Due to the great 1960 earthquake, there are few monuments that depict the rich history of Valdivia city. However, two towers that were part of the former city wall built by the Spanish still remain. They are Los Torreones Del Barro and De los Canelos, which have been restored to look as they did at their time. The oldest fire station built by the Germans, Germania, is located in Isla Teja. Most of the older attractions have a legacy from the three dominant Valdivian cultures: Mapuche, Spanish, and German. This makes the city one of a kind in the world. Another place accessible if you rent a car in Valdivia, and a must see, is the History and Anthropology Museum, located in the German neo-classic building, Andwan dter House, in Isla Teja.

Other Activities in Valdivia

Visit the botanical gardens at the university in Isla Teja. You can also go shopping for fish, marisquerias, and antiques in the Mercado Fluvial. In this seafood market, you can also have a look at the sea lions that come to bask in the sun and have food from the market. You can opt for a cruise up the river or go sightseeing around the city as well. For convenience, make sure you arrange for a car rental in Valdivia.

Tour the roads and bridges with a car for rent in Valdivia

The roads in Valdivia are very good. The bridges connect the city with other parts of the city and with other cities such as the Niebla and Las Aminas. If you take the Pan-American Highway, you can drive through wetlands and beautiful forested areas. This will make for a good road trip with a picnic along the way.

Due to its location and wonderful climate, the city of Valdivia is an amazing place to visit. For maximum freedom, you need to get a car for hire in Valdivia. With a good car, the city and surrounding areas will be yours!

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