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Iquique, a city in Chile, is the capital of both the province (Iquique) and the region of Tarapaca. It is located on the northern part of the country, adjacent to other cities such as Huara, Alto Hospicio, Pica, Colchane and Pozo Almonte. Iquique is home to one of the largest duty-free ports in the region, and the port in the city is home to several commercial centers. Take a break and unwind in the beautiful city of Iquique.

Book a Car for Hire in Iquique and Enjoy South America

South America, more commonly known as Latin America, is a popular tourist destination. A lot of travelers and tourists even consider it a paradise, with its beaches, rich culture, and beautiful people. The region is home to several countries that have developed rapidly in the recent years. One of these is Chile. The country’s location has helped a lot in its development, and this location is also one of the things that attract tourists to this place. Iquique is located near the coast, so aside from shops and restaurants, you can also enjoy the beach. Arrange a car rental in Iquique and let the fun begin.

The Beauty of Iquique

Iquique used to be part of Peru during the colonial period. The rich mineral resources of the city have caused territorial disputes in the region. Iquique officially became part of Chile in 1879, after the Battle of Iquique. There are a lot of things that you can discover while on vacation in Iquique, and the best way to do so is by booking a car for rent in Iquique and exploring the city. Look out for historical landmarks, and visit the museum if there is one. You can also learn a lot about the city by exploring its traditional dishes and other gastronomic treats.

Duty-Free Shopping in Iquique

Iquique is home to one of the largest duty-free ports in the region. This fact has brought several commercial centers and shopping areas to the city. Spend a day exploring the shopping malls and the rest of the city. Hire a car in Iquique and head on to downtown Iquique. Here you’ll find the establishments that you need for a convenient vacation, like the post office, groceries, convenience stores, and drug stores. You can also stroll along prominent places like the Bequedano Boulevard, the Plaza Prat, the 21 May Square, and Cavancha Beach. Look out for the replica of the ship Esmeralda at the port. Of course, don’t miss the chance to do some shopping and enjoy the unique Chilean cuisine.

Rent a Car in Iquique and Have a Blast

Iquique may not be the most popular city in Chile, but it sure is worth your time and effort. Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation in the city as you discover its culture, history and its natural beauty with the help of a rented car. Plus you can shop all you want in the duty-free shopping malls in the city.

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