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El Salvador is a part of the Diego de Almagro region in Chile. It is primarily a mining town and has major copper mining businesses. After American explorers realised the industrial potential of this ore, El Salvador came into existence as a self-sustaining town. It was only after the discovery of more copper reserves that the city of El Salvador was built, completely equipped with houses, schools, electrical plants, and water supply. It also has a railway station for conveyance.

Get a car rental in El Salvador and enjoy the stunning views

Being surrounded by the Atacama desert, El Salvador has spectacular views all around. The evenings are pleasant, but the day time temperatures are quite like what you would expect in a desert. Although a small town, El Salvador offers many things for visitors to explore. You can take a car for hire in El Salvador and drive through its pristine streets.

Do try and visit the copper mines, which are the very basis of the city's foundation. The city has a sporting tradition and a well-equipped stadium known as Copper Stadium. This building was opened in 1980 and can accommodate more than 20,500 spectators. This number is more than three times the population of El Salvador.

Driving around El Salvador

El Salvador in itself does not have many tourist attractions. Travellers need to venture out of the city to see the desert and other beautiful landscapes. You can take a car for rent in El Salvador and visit the various cities in the Atacama region. Some of the nearby cities worth visiting are: El Niche, Callejones, El Viento, Los Mayos, Millahue, and Fuentecilla.

Climate in El Salvador

Shaped like a Roman helmet, the city of El Salvador experiences a typical central Chilean weather. The spring season which starts from September and lasts up to November in the central region of the country, is a good time for travelling. You can rent a car in El Salvador and drive through its streets, or take day trips to other places from here. El Salvador is a part of the Atacama desert and hence, summer days are very harsh in the city, but evenings are cool.

Hire a car in El Salvador for a stress-free vacation

El Salvador is a very small but nicely laid out city. It is self-sustaining and one of the better examples of a planned city in Chile. Travellers come here to see the copper mines and the city's history which has a uniquely different tale to tell. So, come here to enjoy the views and all the experiences of a perfectly relaxing vacation.

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