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The unique shape of the country makes it recognizable on the world map easily, and Chile takes full advantage of it. The country is filled with many opportunities for those who love to be outdoors and engage in pertinent activities. From skiing, hiking, swimming, and cycling, Chile offers many things to do for visitors to make their time spent here wonderful.

Hire a car in Chile to visit Santiago, the capital of Chile

Your tour of the country cannot be complete without visiting the capital city of Santiago. It is now more than an obligation to visit it, since you will be landing here when you come to Chile. The city is home to wonderful restaurants that offer you some of the scrumptious dishes of Chilean. These include Aruso, Cocoa, El chiringuito, and Zapallar. Also, you can hike up the summit of Cerro San Cristobal. Here you will find the famous statue of the Virgin Mary and you will be able to enjoy panoramic views of the city from here.

La Serena

When you are in Chile you should not miss the many beautiful beaches that are found here. These include the ones that are found in the city of La Serena. Also you must know that the city has some of the oldest streets in the continent that were constructed back in 1544. These streets allow you to find some of the oldest buildings in the country and also many churches that have seen great renovation and preservation. Apart from the city of La Serena, you can rent a car in Chile to visit the village of Los Choros, which offers visitors not only a chance to go fishing, but also a chance to watch and swim with sea otters and bottle-nosed dolphins.

Easter Island

Allure of Easter Island is too much to ignore, especially when you are so near it. When you are in Chile you can easily travel to Easter Island, and see the iconic stone statues called the Moais that seem to protect the island. The unknown origin of the statues has tempted many to visit the Island and see them for themselves. Among other things that you can do while on the island, include visiting the Orange Rock Carvings and also the volcanic Crater, known as Rano Kau.

Why use local transportation when you can use a car rental in Chile

When you come to Chile you should remember that the language will be a problem for you, and negotiating with cab drivers and also learning the local transportation schedule won’t be easy. But when you book a car for hire in Chile online, you do not have to worry about that. When you have a car for rent in Chile you can easily move around and go to places that are not covered by the local transportation network.

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