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First discovered by a Spanish captain, Arica soon became an important harbour to export silver to Bolivia. In the 17th century, Bolivians invaded Arica and ruled it for the most part. Later, it was governed by Peru; however, Arica was handed to Chile due to the Treaty of Ancón, which was signed after the War of the Pacific.

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Arica has a humid climate throughout the year. This is mostly due to the cloud cover and Arica’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The city's temperature is not very conducive to visiting all year long, but the months from June to November are bearable, with average temperatures ranging from 28 to 30 degrees Celsius. Such temperatures and the humidity make it a good idea to hire a car in Arica to tour around the city.

Arica's must-see places

Arica is on the border of Chile and Peru, with Bolivia to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. With an amazing view of the pristine Pacific and sandy beaches, there are quite a few places that you will enjoy when touring in this city. The national monument of El Morro de Arica is a stunning sight. Take a car for hire in Arica and head to this giant rock, which is 110 meters in height. It stands as a tribute to the Chilean soldiers and their victories. Atop this rock is a historic museum that features exhibits related to the War of the Pacific. Parque Nacional Lauca is another beautiful place with splendid views such as the Parinacota Volcano, Chungará Lake, and the Parinacota Village. Do take a guide to help you maneuver through the place, and if possible, get your mountain bikes along. A surprise in the desert region is the Museo Arqueológico San Miguel de Azapa, which is set among lush olive trees. This interesting museum has a host of Egyptian mummies and Chinchorro artifacts.

Traveling around Arica

Due to its location, Arica is closer to a host of Peruvian towns than the cities in Chile. Because Chile is a long stretch of land, the only city that is closer to Arica and worth a visit is Iquique. However, you can take a car for rent in Arica and drive to cities such as Tacna, Tarata, Ilo, Juli, and Arequipa, all situated in Peru and offering some of the best tourist attractions.

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With such a vast expanse, beautiful surroundings, water sports, mountain trails, historic museums, and natural wonders, it is no doubt that Arica is one of the most traveled places in Chile.

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