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Temuco is a state capital, and a wonderful commune in the Araucaria region of southern Chile. The name in the local language means water from the temu. Temu is a widely used tree which has vast medicinal importance and is found aplenty in this region. The city is one of the tourist hubs of the country and welcomes visitors from all over the nation as well as from Argentina, Portugal and Canada.

The city is also a cultural centre point of the nation as there is great poetry that has been created in this city. The Temu tree, after which the city was named, is of great medicinal importance and is also a trademark tree of this region. The tourism industry is very well developed and there are some very helpful car rental services and beautiful resorts for the help and assistance of visitors. The city is a great destination if one wants to take a peaceful refuge in the lap of nature for a while.

The city has a very typical climate that supports coniferous vegetation. The city is beautifully located near the Pacific Ocean and there are some exquisitely stunning resorts in the city. Travellers face no problem in the city as there are efficient car hire Temuco airport services so you can drive around the city. The resorts often have customized car hire Temuco which makes sure that a newcomer does not have to miss out on the wonders that the city has on offer. Temuco is culturally enriched and great poetry is a trademark of the city.

The city has some great hills and forests like the Cerro Nieloi, which is a must visit for travelers. There are some great city markets and malls as well and Temuco airport rental cars would guide a visitor to all these places.

However it is the serenity that remains the major attraction and the hire car Temuco airport will take you to the right resorts on request. The smartest thing to do on arrival is to rent a car in Temuco airport and leave the planning to the local agents for a wonderful experience in the city.

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