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El Salvador is the smallest country in South America. This widely populated region borders the Pacific Ocean and lies on the Gulf of Fonseca, rendering great natural beauty to the country. Tourists from all over the world come to El Salvador every year. The city has a great historical background which dates back to times even before the Portuguese settlements. The city is very old and has a rich cultural history. This is due to the pre Columbian invasion then the Portuguese colonization and the final Spanish influence.

The city is urbanized in a very developed fashion and has survived some natural disasters of great magnitude. El Salvadorians are very simple people but the literacy rate is high and standard of life is also high in comparison to that of the rest of the nation. One can rent a car in the airport right on arrival as that reduces hassles a lot and the stay in the city becomes easier and one can sit back and enjoy the beach and mountain altogether in this wonderful city.

The city is very well organized and tourism is very well developed in the city. There are many efficient car hire El Salvador services that helps newcomers in the city. The most visited spot is obviously the beach of Mengua, which has pristine blue waters and huge waves. The lush greenery on the beach is lined with wonderful palm and coconut trees that give a typically tropical feel. One must rent a car in El Salvador airport and then plan for the tour in the city. Some agents have combinations of El Salvador airport rental cars packaged with inns and hotels. One can chose any of these packages and then peacefully tour the city.

The El Pita mountains also attracts many people, and reaching there is very easy as there are car hire El Salvador airport services who would directly take one to the El Pita for a delightful trekking experience. The city has great restaurants and bars for recreation where one can try the local cuisine and unwind in this city. The city has a checked population and the proximity to the Miramundo forest is definitely a reason for that.

Hire car El Salvador airport services are really very helpful for tourists to reach their destinations and also find the right places easily.

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