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The perfect recipe for any holiday are scenic views, wonderful beaches, tourist-oriented amenities and above all else seclusion. Little Cayman is the smallest of three Cayman Islands which include the famous Grand Cayman and the allusive Cayman Brac. You are bound to fall in love with it. The island is overflowing with many exciting activities that you can be a part of. But time is of the essence and you can’t be on a vacation for the rest of your life. Considering that, it is best that you hire a car in Little Cayman to explore every nook and corner of this amazing island.

Using car for hire in Little Cayman to reach Bloody Bay

If there is a place on Earth suitable for diving, it’s Little Cayman. With more than fifty spots for divin,g you can choose any one of them when you have your car for rent in Little Cayman. The island also has an exotic marine wildlife underneath it that you can witness when you choose to go diving here. A good place to start will be the Bloody Bay where you will come across the Bloody Bay Marine Park, one of the foremost places in the world for diving. It goes right to 6000 feet making it ideal for diving. See the amazing coral reefs and the rare species found here.

Blossom Village

Little Cayman is home to famous red-footed booby bird which is found here in abundance. If you are looking for it, we advise that you travel to Blossom Village. Located here is the “Red-Footed Booby Bird Nature Reserve” which allows these birds to be protected. This establishment is supported by UNESCO and is sprawled over 200 acres of land, making it the biggest colony of these birds in Western Hemisphere. You will find other birds gather here as well such as herons, egrets, Frigate birds, and Indian Whistling Ducks.

Owen Island

Many dream of having a beach all to themselves. Little Cayman being less frequented by tourists means that there aren’t going to be too many crowds in its small area. But if you really want to get away from the world, enjoy the seclusion and just the sound of waves crashing on the beach and exotic birds chirping in palm trees, you must visit Owen Island. There are also numerous activities available for tourists here that include kayaking, but we recommend that you enjoy swimming in the calm and cool waters here.

Rent a car in Little Cayman for the perfect getaway

Little Cayman offers you peace and calm. It offers you the chance to escape the same boring, monotonous routine that you live every day, bask in its amazing sun, and marvel at nature’s many gifts. We encourage you to find the best car rental in Little Cayman. You can do this fairly easily by using our website.

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