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Santiago is an agricultural center of Cape Verde that is situated between Maio and Fogo. It is also the largest island and can be easily explored by avid tourists in a couple of days. The island is lined with a variety of tiny traditional villages, scenic areas, as well as spectacular botanical gardens. The cobbled streets and hospitable residents will further enhance your holiday experience. Other than this, there are various museums such as the National Maritime Museum which exhibit the historical significance of the island. A visit to Santiago is incomplete without paying a visit to Praia, Cidade Velha, and Assomada.

Look for and Get a Car for Hire in Santiago for a Road Trip to Praia

Set on the Southern coast of Santiago is the largest city of Cape Verde, Praia. It is the ferry port of Santiago and is popularly referred as Plateau, owing to its setting on a little plateau. Praia is also a major commercial centre where fishing is a common activity. Also, resort beaches make for a lovely outing in Praia. Overall, Praia should certainly be given a visit on your trip to Santiago. You can rent a car in Santiago to reach in Praia and move around freely with your friends and family. Even if you are in town for business dealings, it is best to hire a car in Santiago and then look for a suitable accommodation.

Cidade Velha Attractions

From Praia you can head to Cidade Velha which is just 15 km away from the city. The oldest settlement, it is a major shopping center in Santiago and is most commonly known for Creole culture. Its design is intact and the royal fortress, churches, and the town square make a must visit in the city. Rui Vaz is its nearest community. Other than this, you must visit Pelourinho and Fort Real de São Filipe, which are the known attractions of the city.

Get Charmed in Assomada

When in Santiago, you should also try and explore Assomada and its surroundings. Surrounded by farmland and hills all around, this beautiful municipality features the largest market of Santiago. Picos and Tarrafal are the closest communities of the municipality. It is a significant commercial center which hosts various parades and cultural events year round. You will get charmed by the Portuguese-style colonial buildings.

Arrange Car for Rent in Santiago and Explore Assomada, Cidade Velha, and Praia

Santiago is a culturally rich island in Capre Verde which is visited frequently by a large number of tourists. Getting a car rental in Santiago can be a good move, as it assures comfortable journey to the cities of Assomada, Cidade Velha, and Praia.

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