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If you wish to visit one of the most developed islands of Cape Verde, then consider paying a visit to Sal. It is a developed island in the country as far as tourism is concerned. So it obviously makes a must visit spot for travel lovers. Also the home to Amílcar Cabral International Airport, it is in Barlavento, which is the northern group of Cape Verde. On an average, the island enjoys 350 days of sunshine and little rainfall. With several luxury hotels, villas, apartments, spas, resorts, and other shops, the island is sure to treat you well. Also, you can enjoy various water activities such as diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, and windsurfing on your visit. To start your trip, it is best to head to Espargos Palmeira, and Santa Maria.

Rent a Car in Sal for Reaching Espargos

Espargos, the capital city of Sal, is best known for bright yellow flowers which can found in the sandy areas of this island. You can find a number of hotels, restaurants, and various beautiful buildings in the city. In particular, a visit to the small bandstand, churches, and the popular library is a must. As the city is just a few miles away from Amílcar Cabral International Airport, it makes sense to hire a car in Sal at the airport itself and then get accommodation! You can also explore the flat terrain in Espargos, called Terra Boa, with a car rental in Sal.

Palmeira Attractions

Palmeira must be on your visit list when planning to holiday in Sal. It is a beautiful village situated in western region of Sal. The village is hardly 5 km away from Espargos and can be easily reached with a car hire. Palm trees are the attraction of this city, and you will be charmed by the entire landscape. A lot of the area is even dominated by desert sands. Fontona and Feijoal are the nearest cities to Palmeira.

Beach Vacation on Your Mind? Go to Santa Maria

A trip to the fishing city, Santa Maria, can leave you spellbound. It features some of the most magnificent beaches of the island. The region enjoys warm sea temperatures all year round and has 8 km of sandy beaches. The varied sea life and different water activities of the island make it a must visit destination for all. Other than this, tourists can also enjoy golf and volleyball in the city.

You Must Take a Car for Hire in Sal

Sal is an island that is worth paying a visit. Sal coastlines are inviting, and you can enjoy cruise trips there. However, a car for rent in Sal is recommended if you wish to explore Sal completely.

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