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Quebec is the largest province by area, and the second most populous province in Canada. The province has immense natural resources and has become an industrial hub making it very influential economically. The name of the province means 'where the river narrows' which refers to the surrounding area where the river literally narrows to a cliff lined gap. The province is home to a variety of wildlife, marine life and birds. Visit this francophone province and experience its beauty in a car for hire in Quebec.

Hire a car in Quebec and learn its history

This town takes its name from the triple peaked hill at the heart of the city. The historic Old Montreal is rich in architecture which is very well maintained. You can enjoy a ride in horse drawn vehicles along the cobbled streets. Learn the rich history at the Pointe-a Calliere Museum where you can view archaeological remains of the city's past. The museum also hosts local and international archaeological, historical, heritage and cultural exhibitions. The Montreal Science Centre makes a great tour for the science and Technology lovers.

Eastern Township

This tourist town lies between Seigneuries and the United States border. Get a car for rent in Quebec for a road trip you will never forget. Discover the Parc national du Mont-Orford which is scenic in the fall due to the flamboyant colours. Go hiking and access the spectacular viewpoints of the forest. Observe the white tailed deer and great Blue Heron in their natural habitat. Winter is the best time to visit for those who love country skiing and snowshoeing.

Quebec City

Quebec City, founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, is the capital city of Quebec province. It is also the largest city only second to Ontario. The city is home to the only remaining fortified city walls in the north of Mexico. Rent a car in Quebec to the aquarium du Quebec for a marine life experience. The park which specializes in boreal and arctic wildlife has over 10,000 animals. Visit the Awesome Ocean and walk through the 350,000 liters sea tank while watching the marine life.

Experience their culture using car rental in Quebec

Quebec City is a great place to visit. The diversity of the region will give you a variety of experiences from historical to the best vacation spots in the region. The cultural diversity will definitely give you a rare experience in terms of food, architecture and social trends. Drive out of town for an experience with the aboriginal people in Nord du Quebec or an English experience in the island of Montreal. This city will not disappoint so make it your next vacation spot.

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