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Ontario is the fourth largest and most densely populated province in Canada. It is a busy commercial hub featuring agriculture, mining and forestry as the industries. The area is served by some busy 400-series highways, the main ones being the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and the Ambassador Bridge. Both are accessed via Highway 401, which runs along the southern end. The Blue Water Bridge from Highway 402 is also a good option especially when touring the province. Highway 401 is the busiest road in North America, a factor to consider when cruising around in a car for hire in Ontario.

Exit Toronto Airport using car rental in Ontario

Toronto is the largest and most populous city in Ontario. It is located at the southern region of the province, and serves as the provincial capital city of Ontario. The city can be accessed through Toronto Pearson International Airport, from where you can cruise inland into the 40th ranked international tourist resort. This is a modern and highly developed city. It also records the highest cost of living in Canada. Visit the Toronto Zoo, at the east end of the city near Rouge River. This is the largest zoo in Canada, occupying some 710 acres. Here you can view over 16,000 animals of both aquatic and land species. There’s also a kids zoo, Waterside Theatre and Splash Island for the young ones.

Tour the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa

Ottawa is the second largest city in Ontario, and serves as the Capital City of Canada. It is located on the southern edge of Ottawa River’s bank. You can access the city in your car for rent in Ontario using The Queensway on Highway 417. A half an hour cruise from Ottawa Macdonald-Carter International Airport lands you at the Canadian War Museum. This features over 2,500 pieces of Canadian military history. These include armoured vehicles, war ships, ancient weapons and other war art collections. Here you also find the Military History Research Centre with over half a million objects depicting ancient warfare.

Learn more in Hamilton

The John Hamilton International Airport serves this Northumberland’s port city of Hamilton. This city lies at the centre of a busy industrial centre called the Golden Horseshoe, west of the Niagara Peninsula. Rent a car in Ontario and head to the Royal Botanical Gardens, in between Toronto City and the splendid Niagara falls. This represents over 2,400 acres of bio-diversity, mostly featuring botanical collections. This is also a major agricultural and scientific research centre, and identified as a National Focal Point for Global Strategy for plant conservation.

Hire a car in Ontario for some serious recreation

The Central Ontario region is also known for some leisure and sporting activities. You can indulge in several water sports in any of their freshwater recreation centres that also provide enough fun for kids. You can also go hunting in their wilderness or skiing and snowmobiling.

You can also get to dining and enjoy some French and English cuisines, seafood and other delightful meals in the many hotels and restaurants in this city and the neighbouring Gatineau City, lying across Ottawa River. You can also decide to venture into nearby cities like Gloucester and Nepean to sample their dining and nightlife tendencies. Don’t miss out this opportunity to visit Ontario. Make plans soon and enjoy a visit to one of the cleanest and most liveable provinces in the world.

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