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Lying in the heart of the Alberta Rockies, Banff is the larger of the two towns in Banff National Park, Canada. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff stands proud in its breathtaking natural landscape and is distinct and awe-inspiring in its virgin beauty.

A Tip for Visitors – Hire a Car in Banff

Being a popular tourist destination, Banff is well connected with the rest of Canada. It has its own domestic airport which has over ten scheduled transfers to the International Airports of Calgary and Canmore. Moreover, due to its close proximity with towns like Jasper and Edmonton, tourists often drive down or catch buses to the town as well. In Banff, the public transport system relies on well-maintained buses, though those preferring independence can get a car for rent in Banff as well.

All that Nature Has to Offer…

Like most Canadian mountain towns, the range of activities one can enjoy in winter and summer are quite distinct. Hiking and horseback-riding are popular in the summertime, while winters are best for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Also, Banff is a great place for bird-watching, canoeing, and gondola rides, though the feasibility of these differs according to season. Some people, in fact, rent a car in Banff, for the specific purpose of having access to all the skiing sites, hiking trails and the other towns in Banff National Park. No matter what the season may be, there are a host of outdoor activities that the town’s natural surroundings have to offer; just pick your preferred season and have a blast enjoying yourself here.

Food and Shopping

A tourist town in heart and spirit, Banff offers a large range of culinary delights and shopping opportunities. The town has over 50 large eateries which serve authentic cuisine from across the world. For those looking for a typically Canadian meal, various lounges and bars will cater to your taste-buds; these have been set up by locals who take a personal interest in each meal that leaves their kitchen. When it comes to shopping, Banff offers some of the most unique objects of indigenous origin which make for great souvenirs and memorabilia. If you get a car for hire in Banff, you can leave it behind when going shopping, for there is not much room for vehicles in the shopping areas.

Why Not Get a Car Rental in Banff?

Banff is a beautiful place with many exciting opportunities for adventure and sports. If you’re interested in either of the two, you’ll find yourself in a virtual paradise here. And if you have a rental car to get around in, your vacation will become all the more exciting and memorable.

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