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The history of the Canadian coastal city of Vancouver is not complete without the mention of Captain George Vancouver, who was the first person to map the area under British Colombia in 1790s. Today Vancouver is amongst the most established cities in Canada with a population of about 600,000 people.

The minute you walk through the gates of Vancouver International Airport into the wider city, you are bound to note the cultural and ethical diversity that gives one an immediate sense of belonging. About 30 percent of Vancouver’s habitants are of Chinese origin whereas 52 percent are bilingual.

Mind boggling architecture

Arthur Erickson is one of the most established names in the world of architecture who has made notable contribution to the stunning skyscrapers towering Vancouver skies that merge with the distant hills to give the city a look many who have taken a trip to the city have fallen in love with.

Car hire Vancouver is necessary for you to see most of the city. Vancouver’s infrastructure is efficient and works well thus it is easy to drive around town for a visit to architectural monuments like Christ Church Cathedral, Hotel Vancouver and Vancouver Art Gallery in addition to Robson Square. The Vancouver Art Gallery boasts of over 10,000 permanent collections with deep historical attachments not only to Canada but the entire world. A stop at Vancouver is never complete until you visit this massive historical store that can is approachable from various parts of the city whether on foot or using Vancouver airport rental cars.

Vancouver at night

Vancouver is the official home of pomp, fun color with a unique touch that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Night clubs of international standards and pubs serving the best of Vancouver’s wines and beer can also be found at Gas Town as well as Davie Village all of which you cans take a trip to and enjoy yourself like never before as most of the clubs are open till 3 am. All one needs to do is hire car Vancouver airport.

Car hire Vancouver airport is less costly and the process of hiring a car from our website, is simple. This leaves enough savings to pop in and out of tourist shops and malls with quality yet friendly priced merchandise that friends and family will be happy to receive as a gift. Rent a car in Vancouver airport to assist you if you have heavy language of souvenirs that you are taking back home as you can use the car to carry the bags to the.

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