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In the midst of West Africa lies the country of Burkina Faso, which was formerly known as Upper Volta. Fondly known as Burkina by the locals, it offers many sights and attractions that are overlooked due to its location on the world map. But its serenity and the abundance of things to do in Burkina, will make you appreciate this relatively unknown destination.

Bobo Dioulasso, a city that can be discovered by using a car for hire in Burkina Faso¬

You can start your vacation in Burkina Faso by visiting “Bobo”, as the city of Bobo-Dioulasso is affectionately called by visitors and locals alike. It is the converging point for culture where artists and musicians come together for brilliant performances and music, at the Semaine Nationale de la Culture. This festival is one of a kind, the goal of which is to preserve the country’s musical heritage. You can drive around by renting a car from a car rental in Burkina Faso.

You can visit¬ the Grand Mosque which is constructed in Sudanese architectural style and was built in 1880. You can also visit the market area of Marche Central where you can get beautiful crafts, clothing, and jewelry that is locally made. You will enjoy the nightlife offered by Bobo. The city has persevered in keeping its traditional nightclubs, called maquis, where you can listen to performances by musicians.

Visit Sindou Peaks and Niang Sokoné

No trip to Burkina Faso¬ will be complete without a visit to these wonderful formations. These are found not far from the city of Banfora. These formations look like teeth when seen from a distance. It is advisable that you travel here using a car for rent in Burkina Faso.¬ Once you reach here, hire the services of a guide who can show you around. He will be able to take you to the village of Niang Sokoné. It is not far from here, but the way is intricate and difficult to remember. It will not be an easy hike, but the picturesque view that the village offers is worth the effort.

Burkina Capital City, Ouagadougou

The capital city of Burkina Faso Ouagadougou is not only a typical African city, but it is now a modern metropolis that is administrating the affairs of the country. The culture scene here is strong, with many theatres and many performances during the festivals of FESPACO and SIAO. You can also visit the Memorial To The Martyrs, which is not only an architectural masterpiece, but is also a memorial for all those who have sacrificed their lives for the country. Another place of interest is Ouagadougou Cathedral, which you can easily access when you rent a car in Burkina Faso. It is one of the largest cathedrals in Africa.

Go and hire a car in Burkina Faso to explore its landmarks and sights

Burkina Faso with its thriving community and its hospitality, is among the many nations in Africa that are worth visiting. Its close proximity to Niger and Benin makes it a convenient base from where you can discover more activities to do in Africa. To have a hassle-free trip, it is best to rent a car, which will give you the freedom to travel and explore the entire country at your own pace.

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