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Southeast Asia is dotted with many tourist destinations, and the wonderful country of Brunei is one of them. Brunei is located on Borneo Island, and it is surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia. There are many things to do and attractions to explore for visitors, so it is best that you use a car rental in Brunei to travel around easily and without any hassle.

Hire a car in Brunei to visit Brunei-Muara

Brunei Muara is the gateway to the country and for that reason most of the visitors land here when they come for their vacation. The city is in close proximity to many attractions and sights, and you will have a memorable time here. You can witness the Palace of the Sultan of Brunei, which is characterized by brilliant golden spires that glow when the sun is setting behind them. Not only is the palace one of the largest in the world, but its unique Islamic architecture has made it a novelty among tourists.


When you are in Brunei, visiting Tutong is not only important, but it is also a must. Your trip won’t be complete without it. The city of Tutong offers visitors a study on the life of a diverse Brunei community. But it is the natural sights that are most appealing. From Tutong, you can easily access the sandy beaches of Pantai Seri Kenangan beach and also the scenic lake of Tasek Merimbun. You can drive to the lake when you rent a car in Brunei, as there are also some historical burial sites here that you can visit.

Brunei’s economic heartland

Once you have a car for rent in Brunei, feel free to travel to the city that is responsible for the economic and financial prosperity of the country. This is the Kuala Belait. To know where the prosperity of this country began and how it managed to get where it is today, you need to travel to the town of Seria. Here you will see many sights like the rigs that are called nodding donkeys, and also Seria’s Oil & Gas Discovery Centre, which explains in detail all that there is to know about how the oil industry works. You can end your visit to Kuala Belait by visiting the Billionth Barrel Monument, which is a memorial to what the country went through to reach where it is today.

Get a car for hire in Brunei for your comfort

If you don’t want to spend excessively on your vacation, Brunei is the country that you need to visit. Not only are there quality accommodations in Brunei, but there are also many sights and attractions that you can easily view and enjoy without having to spend lavishly. However, to have an economical and a hassle-free vacation, it is advisable that you rent a car once you reach the country.

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