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Even though Virgin Gorda is a small island in the BVI and has only one major town, Spanish Town, it still has a lot that charms tourists. The island is popular for the presence of a very rarely occurring geological formation known as The Baths. You should rent a car in Virgin Gorda for convenient traveling. Let’s uncover the beautiful attractions this place has to offer to its guests.

Hire a Car in Virgin Gorda: A Wise Decision

The only big town here, Spanish Town, is located on the South-Western part of the island. You can find cheap car rental in Virgin Gorda and explore the rest of the island. There are some very beautiful beaches on the shores of the city which offer unforgettable views. But the island has more places than just beaches that are worth a visit.

Visit the Spectacular Beaches of the island

Formed due to the arrangement of giant granite boulders, the caves and sheltered pools situated make one of the beaches make The Baths the most famous and sought after beach on the island. This is an excellent beach for snorkeling. There is a trail that leads to the Devil’s Bay which is a very beautiful sandy beach. There are washrooms and lockers available on these beaches. The tickets for adults cost $3. Spring Bay is a very mesmerizing beach. Featuring clear water and randomly arranged boulders, it offers a very beautiful landscape and is no less than The Baths. Savannah Bay is a long sandy beach perfect for sun bathing and swimming. Get a car for hire in Virgin Gorda and visit these beaches.

Other Major Attractions

Visit the Gorda Peak National Park, which is inhabited by the world’s smallest lizard, the Virgin Gorda Gecko. It shelters many more creatures and is also home to two endangered plant species. You can climb this peak and enjoy the breath-taking view of the island and the water that surrounds it. If you like hiking, then you can also visit the Little Fort National Park, which showcases ruins of a fortress. The hiking you have to do to reach these ruins is tough as dense vegetation blocks the way. You can also pay a visit to the ruins of the copper mine that played a very important role in the island’s history.

Arrange a Car for Rent in Virgin Gorda Immediately

You can also go to the island of Tortola which offers a little more activity. If you are looking for some place quieter than Virgin Gorda, you should include the island of Anegada in your itinerary. You just need a car from any reputable hire service to explore the island.

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