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Curitiba, Brazil greets you with festive warmth that jells perfectly with the holiday spirit. The capital city of Parana, Brazil, Curitiba is an important cultural, political and economic centre in Latin America. Also, a famous tourist destination, Curitiba has a special Tourism Line of street cars that goes to twenty five major attractions in the city in a course of two and a half hours.

For Easy Access - Get a Car for Hire in Curitiba!

Curitiba’s trinary road system allows quick access to major city centre, so you must hire a car in Curitiba for hassle free travel. The Afonso Pena International Airport is situated in the neighbouring city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais, and a car ensures a comfortable ride into the city from the airport. Tourists fancying a road trip can also head to the adjacent cities of Florianopolis, Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. This can be done easily by getting a car for hire in the city from a reliable service provider.

Carnival Curitiba!

With the Curitiba Theatre Festival, the Grape Feast, the Immigration Festival, Spring Festival, and Flower Festival, Curitiba is in a festive mood all year round. Tourists can get a car for rent in Curitiba and drive to the beaches of Parangua, which hosts the famous Carnival Curitiba. You can enjoy ethnic Brazilian food like the “Feijoada”, dance to the tunes of the samba, and don vibrant costumes and party all night! The party can be continued in the lively pubs of Curitiba, like Santa Monica and Parana.

Food Paradise!

Curitiba has a lot of immigrants, which has influenced its food palate with European, Arab and Japanese influences. Need to treat your taste buds? Rent a car in Curitiba and head to Santa Felicidale, the restaurant district of Curitiba with a strong Italian heritage and eateries with mile-long antipasto bars. Street food lovers can try the food stalls opposite the bus station which offer a great variety of cuisines.

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With so much to do in Curitiba, hiring a car is a suitable option. Get intimate with nature and go on a wildlife safari or drive to Parangua and take a boat to the romantic island of Ilha do Mal. A visit to the Oscar Niemeyer Museum is a study in Brazilian art and culture. All in all Curitiba has inexhaustible travel options that you can unravel on your fun-filled vacation.

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