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Waterloo is a small beautiful town in Brabant in the Wallonia region of Belgium, inhabited by the French community. It is just a short trip to the south of Brussels and is indeed one of the major reasons why people travel to Brussels, the capital city. Coming to this city, you get to know about the Napoleon, the battle of Waterloo and the history associated with this amazing city. With car for hire in Waterloo, you can effortlessly explore the attractions of the city.

Hire a Car in Waterloo to Explore Nearby Cities

With hundreds of must see places in Waterloo, renting a car lets you traverse every nook and cranny. To enjoy all the attractions of this amazing city, don’t think twice about renting a car. With cars for hire available at almost all junctions, arranging a car rental becomes easy. Moreover, travelling by a car is the cheapest mode of transport in Waterloo. This way you can easily travel to the neighboring cities of Leuven, Halle, Aalst, and Schaerbeek.

Places to Visit in Waterloo

The world famous battle ground of Waterloo attracts every tourist because of the history associated with it. The battle of Waterloo, the battle that defined European history, was fought on this field. The combined British and Prussian forces fought against Napoleon’s French army in this famous battle. The Wellington Museum is another must visit place in Waterloo. This museum is built in the heart of Waterloo. It is believed to have been the headquarters of the Duke of Wellington, while fighting Napoleon. It was from this center that he sent the British government the news of their victory. The museum, which is open all days except January 1st and December 25th, amazes visitors with the relics of the past. Rent a car in Waterloo for a fantastic holiday experience!

Waterloo Attractions

Lion Hill is one of the most amazing places to visit in Waterloo. This is the destination where the Prince of Orange died after receiving fatal wounds. The view from the top is absolutely amazing. At the hilltop is a sculpture of a lion which has one of its paws on the globe looking in the direction from which French came for the famous battle of Waterloo. Then there is the Chapel Royal built opposite the museum, dedicated to the Spanish King Charles.

Advantages of Car Rental in Waterloo

Booking for a car ensures that you don’t have to worry about travelling at the last second. Travelling by a car will let you decide which places to go and which not to. Having a car for rent in Waterloo not only ensures a carefree vacation, but also lets you explore the attractions of this town to the fullest.

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