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The city of Charleroi is located in the region of Belgium and is a part of Hainaut Province in the country of Belgium. It is the fifth most populated city in the country and its inhabitants are known as Carolos or Caroloregiens. The city is also the municipality of Wallonia and is settled around both the banks of Sambre River. The overall area is marked by the presence of industrial activities, such as a steel industry and coal mining. Owing to the large presence of these industries, the place is known as Pays Noir or Black Country. The city is located approximately 50 kilometers of the south of the capital city, Brussels.

Take a car for hire in Charleroi

The place is quite small, but there are a few interesting spots that will surely interest you. And, so as to visit these places of interest, you need to have an efficient and flexible mode of transport at your disposal. Rent a car in Charleroi to ensure a fuss-free travel throughout the Carolos settlement. Nowadays, you can book a rental car online so that upon your arrival you will have a car available to start your tour of the city.

Belfry in Charleroi

Out of the 56 historical buildings that are located in France and Belgium that come under UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List, one is located in Charleroi. The architecture of these buildings highlights the influence of the religious and feudal struggle in these regions. Known as the ‘Belfry of the City Hall’ this historical building in Charleroi is a major attraction in this region. Take a car for rent in Charleroi to visit this interesting site.

Visiting Museums in Charleroi

The place has many museums dedicated to different faculties of art and culture. Hire a car in Charleroi to see these museums at your leisure. The two museums--Jules Destree Museum and Museum of Fine Arts--are located inside the Charleroi town hall and are quite interesting. These display a rich collection of social realism and neo-classicism. You can take a car for hire to explore various museums of the city.

Visit nearby cities by using a car rental in Charleroi

The major cities located near Charleroi are: Thuin, Lobbes, Manage, Fleurus, and Chatelet. You can visit these places with a rented car according to your own travel schedule. In this way, you can prolong your stay at any of the places at your convenience. Just make sure that you book your car online well in advance to have a fantastic holiday.

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