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Arlon with its two thousand years of documented history is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. The capital of Luxembourg province, Arlon is part of Wallonia municipality. The city falls in the southern region of Belgium along the borders with Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France.

Luxembourg province is the biggest region area-wise, but the smallest population-wise, making it the least sparsely populated area in Belgium. Arlon is the last Belgium train stop on the international rail route and all overseas express trains make a stop here. Many people cross the border daily to work at the Grand Duchy.

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The city of Arlon is an ancient place that has witnessed great historical events; the imprints of history are visible throughout its landscape. In the lush green setting of a splendid countryside, Arlon is a delight to visit by nature lovers. Picturesque villages dot the pristine countryside.

Get a car rental in Arlon and enjoy trips, deep into the surrounding villages and resorts. While in Arlon also plan a visit to Attert to enjoy a diverse bio-culture, go to Messancy for sightseeing, and also try to visit the legendary Anlier Forest at Martelange.

The Battle of Gaul and the History of Arlon

A mixed Celtic and German tribe, Treveri inhabited the area of Arlon that was captured by the Romans after the victory at Gaula. Hundreds of structures and monuments from the era bore testimony to the Roman interest and imprint on this region, though many were destroyed during German incursions of the area later on.

The medieval ages saw the city of Arlon grow in significance and a magnificent Fort at Knipchen Hill was built as a reminder of the glory of the city. The Knipchen Hill Castle was destroyed in later wars and a monastery was built at the site. The latter also saw many transitions and turmoil, and today Saint Donat's church stands in place of the convent.

Popular Attractions of the Region

Arlon permanently became a part of Belgium after the Battle of Waterloo. It is situated at the Lorraine region of Belgium, which is packed with popular museums, parks, and resorts that serve to delight visitors. The Archaeology Museum of Arlon is the best museum in Belgium, and houses hundreds of important ancient artifacts from the region’s past. The Gaspar Museum is another significant attraction for archeologists and historians. Scores of other attractions, monuments, and historic structures are part of the landscape; and many colorful festivals and parades are held regularly in Arlon.

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A very popular local version of white wine in Arlon is the ‘Maitrank’. Many versions of this drink are prepared by the use of special herbs and formulas. All those who try it, love the unique taste of this refreshing drink.

Tourists find it very convenient to hire a car in Arlon, and explore the natural beauty of its surrounding areas. You can get a car for hire in Arlon and visit at your leisure the many popular attractions the city has to offer.

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