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This summer, you can drive in Linz which is one of the largest cities in Austria. It lies within the region of Upper Austria. Besides, it has a tourist slogan that would be commented as very interesting. “In Linz beginnt’s” sounds as “It starts in Linz”. The “It” refers to everyone’s travel journey.

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Probably by flight, you will reach the Blue Danube Airport. It might be quite troublesome as the airport is outside of the city. Most tourists could opt for a shuttle bus service to get to the city center and seek for a way to their accommodations. Of course, taxi would be unlikely because it is quite pricey. Alternatively, hire a car in Linz is a drawing card so that you would not have to worry about transportation later. Your transportation, from that onwards, is a car for hire in Linz.

Play as a tourist in Linz

Getting around Linz, some of them will buy Linz City Ticket which includes some discounts for dining in, admission fees, transportation and city tour. It costs you 20 Euros. Your travel time and purpose help you to judge that whether it is worthy or not. In the heart of the city, its history is in the air. Its old streets and houses enroll you into the past stories of Linz. The top attraction should be the Linz Castle with gorgeous courtyards, gates and houses. There are many things to do and see in this town. Hence, if you don’t wish to plan your itinerary, you can take City Express that is a tourist train to bring you downtown or Danube that is a ship cruise along the river.

Pray as a local in Linz

Churches are one of the things that you could not afford to miss out. The New Cathedral is the largest church in Austria, while the Pilgrimage Basilica is known as the local landmark. Inside the former church, you will notice its “Linz Window” which reveals the past ages of Linz in stained glass. Expectedly, there is another Old Cathedral as well. St. Martin’s Church is being said as “the oldest original church” in Austria. However, it is quite strict for public entrance because that is only permitted with a tour guide.

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Definitely Linz, to the south, is connected to Hallstat, Bad Ischl, and Bad Aussee and so on. Salzburg, which is known as “Mozart Town”, lies in the west from Linz. Further your travel journey, you probably can drive to the Czech Republic south region. Their well-developed motorway can be perfectly associated with your quality car hire. Rent a car in Linz and therefore you can travel as long as you can in Austria.

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