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Australia is the flattest country with the oldest and least fertile soils. It is made up of 6 states that include Queensland. Queensland is the 2nd largest and 3rd most populous of the 6 states. Queensland was originally occupied by the natives 40,000 years ago. The state contains a third of Australia’s largest cities. The state is also home to 6 world heritage areas, several international airports, and numerous physical attractions. Unlike the rest of Australia, the population is less concentrated in its cities. While travelling in Queensland, you will need a vehicle from a car rental in Queensland.

Enjoy the capital with a car for hire in Queensland

The capital of Queensland and Australia’s largest city is Brisbane. Brisbane is the site of an international airport and harbour. The atmosphere in this city is vibrant and laid back. It is a city like no other in the world and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city, named after Brisbane River, is a hub of activity with theatre, zoos, art, museums, shopping centres, markets, galleries, restaurants, and historical sites. Queensland cultural centre is of particular interest as it consists of a museum, 2 art galleries, and a library and conservatory area. Overall, the city and its surroundings have numerous attractions that you can enjoy when you travel in a rented car.

Cairns, North of Queensland

Cairns is a cosmopolitan and tourist-based city of Queensland. It has a laid back atmosphere that is relaxing and is enjoyable to tour with a car for rent in Queensland. Though not a large city, it is a surrounded by a rainforest and acts as a gateway to other places like Daintree and Kuranda. The city has many tourist features such as coffee shops, restaurants, shops, and pubs. The city is also a known for wildlife diversity found in Mt. Lewis, Mt. Hypipamee, and Lamb range. Other physical attractions include beaches to the north and south of the city, Atherton Table lands, Copperlode dam, and the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest of its kind in the world. It has an area of more than 350,000 square kilometres. Activities at the reef include snorkelling and diving.

Gold Coast, South of Brisbane

Gold Coast is a coastal city with a high profile as a tourist destination. Its airport serves international and domestic flights. When you hire a car in Queensland you can enjoy a scenic drive from Brisbane to Gold Coast. Gold coast is one of the most visited places by tourists due to its sunny climate, amazing beaches, theme parks, active night life, rainforest, and water way systems. The Surfers paradise is particularly popular due to its wide surf beach and free public events, such as the sand sculpting championships.

The tour is more enjoyable when you rent a car in Queensland

Queensland attractions are well lined near populous areas and their surroundings. It is thus easy to get to all the interesting places with a car. It is also more convenient to hire a car, since public transport does not get to all places you might want to visit. Furthermore, the roads in Australia are amazing and driving will not be a problem especially in the populated areas.

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