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Aruba is an island-state in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of what is called the Lesser Antilles, and together with Curacao and Bonaire they are called the ABC Islands. Politically, Aruba is considered as one of the constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands. All the citizens of Aruba are given Dutch nationality, and the official language in the country is Dutch as well. Aruba is a popular tourist destination due to its warm and sunny climate.

Hire a Car in Aruba and Enjoy Orangetown

Oranjestad is the capital and the largest city of Aruba. The direct translation of its name is Orangetown, and locals who speak the local language (Papiamento) calls it “Playa”. One of the major features of Oranjestad is its Dutch colonial architecture that can be seen in most buildings and establishments in the city. Book for a car rental in Aruba and explore the city. Visit some of the local shops for souvenirs and other trinkets. Try some of the local specialties in the best restaurants in the city. You’ll surely enjoy your experience in Oranjestad.

The Beaches of San Nicolaas

San Nicolaas is the second largest city in Aruba, and it is located just a few kilometres from Oranjestad. Book a car for rent in Aruba and drive all the way to San Nicolaas to experience the beach. The city is located right at the edge of the island, giving visitors and residents easy access to the beach. San Nicolaas was named after Nicolas van der Biest who was a landowner in the city. Aside from the beach, other features of the city include the promenade in the city centre lined with shops and restaurants and establishments such as Charlie’s Bar.

Go Shopping in Noord

Most of the places in Aruba are well-equipped for tourists, since tourism plays a major role in the economy of the country. Book a car for hire in Aruba and drop by the town of Noord. Just like the rest of the country, it is also located near the coast. So if you are not exploring the area, you can just lounge around on the beach. Noord is home to several restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels, so you can go shopping and eat your heart out. Make sure to drop by the California Lighthouse to complete your experience.

Rent a Car in Aruba and Have a Wonderful Time

If you are looking for a unique beach getaway, then Aruba is the perfect destination for you. Explore the cities and towns, enjoy the climate, and spend time on the beach. You’ll surely love the experience, plus you can surely get to relax and unwind.

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