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Tandil is located in the southeast of Buenos Aires Province, about 330 km away from the city of Buenos Aires and 160 km from Mar del Plata. The city is in the middle of a valley surrounded by low hills of the Tandilia Mountainous. The name Tandil comes from the Mapuche words ‘tan’ (falling) and ‘lil’ (rock) which would mean ‘rock that falls’ in a reference to the Piedra Movediza (Balancing Rock) which existed there. This giant stone balanced on top of a hill but toppled in 1912. The climate is called humid pampas or mild and humid.

Car for hire in Tandil gives you all the comfort

At your arrival at Tandil’s Aerodrome, car for rent in Tandil is waiting with the perfect choice of car at your convenience. Hop in and drive the short distance to your accommodation. Having not lost the spirit of a peaceful and colorful village but with the vitality of a terrific city, it is very popular for many Argentinean honeymooners. The activities offered are numerous for all kinds of adventure seeking tourists such as trekking, mountain biking, mountain climbing or relaxing on not to far away great beaches. If you want a special ‘kick’, then have a go for a sailplane ride or a parachute jump. The shopping, eateries and bars, combined with a great nightlife will give you everything you dream of.

Enjoy the city life

Rent a car in Tandil and cruise through the city to examine the various attractions. There are beautiful landscaped parks and many lovely squares inviting you for a rest in one of the many bars or restaurants scattered around while touring the city. The shopping is great with its big and modern centers. But the specialty is surely the numerous small shops with a great choice of local products, ideal for a beautiful and unique gift for the loved ones at home. Cheese lover have to visit one of the grocery stores and have a taste of those mouthwatering local delicatessen.

Tour the countryside

Hire a car in Tandil for a comfortable trip of the surrounding beauty. The mingle of the wild scenery outlined by mountain ranges, valleys, streams and ancient forests makes it a fantastic spot for all kinds of outdoor activities. Visit the quite famous geological curiosity ‘The Centinela’ a large rock that has been standing on another rock in perfect balance for thousands of years. Here, the extraordinary beauty of the mountain range comes into full light. Another unique spot is the Popy’s Ranch for a fun loving day with plenty of activities for the young and old.

Car rental in Tandil will give you all the pleasure

There is so much more to explore such as the unbelievable great beaches nearby, the steppe with its farms and the many rivers and lagoons which will make your vacation one of the most memorable ones. Come and let the ‘fibs’ of this splendid area come right into your heart and soul!

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