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It is the provincial capital of Santa Fe, and lies on the opposite banks of the Parana River to the city of Parana. These two cities are connected by the Hernandarias Sub fluvial Tunnel.

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Although the city centre is pedestrian friendly, and it’s fun to stroll on the river walk, it is best to hire a car in Santa Fe to get to the tourist attractions here and in the surrounding areas due to the distances involved. Santa Fe is the transportation and commercial hub for a rich agricultural hinterland that includes animal husbandry, grain and vegetable oils. The province of Santa Fe is responsible for just over 20% of cultivated land for the whole country. There are many sources of natural products found here – including 300,000 beehives!

Rural tourism

The rural life may be witnessed and experienced on site at the estancias (ranches) and farms in the province. A car is necessary to reach these places as the distances even within a large plantation may be huge. The best option for this is car rental in Santa Fe, where you can get great package discounts, a comfortable car and peace of mind on your travels. Here, you can help to take care of the animals, see how the crops are grown, and help to make strawberry jam. Besides hiking, you can go horseback riding, join the gauchos for a barbeque, and still return to the farmstead for a comfortable night’s rest. Other outdoor past times like fishing can also be arranged. The proximity of the Parana River means that sport fishing is a popular tourist activity where you can catch bream or catfish. The avid angler can also enjoy joining in the fishing tournaments and competitions. Even if you don’t fish, you can enjoy the sandy beaches of the river enjoying beach sports and activities.

Eat and drink

As meat production is a major industry here, make sure that you try the “asado” which is barbequed meat, or the grilled meat. Fish from the rivers are extremely fresh and another good dish is the “chupin” which is a fish soup made with vegetables. Standbys like empanadas are always good to go. The restaurants here often show their European and colonial influences. Wash it down with the popular local beverage of mate, which is also grown here. One of the largest Argentinean breweries is found in Santa Fe, so there are copious amounts of ice-cold beer are usually drunk in the bars. If you are interested, you can even visit the brewery and see the traditional methods previously used.

Car for Rent in Santa Fe

Although Santa Fe is the provincial seat of government, the largest city in the province is Rosario which lies 179 km to the south. Santa Fe and Rosario are connected by the National Route 11, which continues southbound to Buenos Aires. Rent a car in Santa Fe and drive down to Rosario following the coastline, passing through the agricultural towns of Coronda, Monje and Oliveros. Rosario is known nationally as the birthplace of the country’s flag as this was the place where it was first displayed in 1812. You can learn more about the flag’s history at the National Flag Memorial (known here as Monumento Nacional a la Bandera) and the National Flag Park. The bucolic life in Santa Fe and its surrounding areas have now made this area a popular getaway from the residents of Buenos Aires seeking a slower pace of life.

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