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The city of San Salvador de Jujuy, known as Jujuy and locally often referred to as San Salvador, is the capital city of Jujuy Province. Located in northwest of Argentina near the southern end of the Humahuaca Canyon, placed near the Andes and lies 1,240 m above sea level, where the lowland meets the wooded hills. The rivers Xibi Xibi and the Río Grande de Jujuy unite here with the next bigger city of Salta. Jujuy has a very pleasant humid subtropical climate, humid during the summers and dry and cold during the winters. Temperatures vary widely between day and night times.

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Use the services like car for rent in San Salvador de Jujuy on your arrival at Gobernador Horacio Guzmán International Airport and cruise the 33 km to the city.

Tour the enchanting city

Rent a car in San Salvador de Jujuy and enjoy a fascinating city tour on your own. You will quickly notice that the inhabitants have a more aboriginal character than in other parts of the country, reflecting the predominant Chiriguano, Aymara and Chiriguano cultures and its people. But there are as well Hispanic reminders present as in the impressive Basilica Cathedral with is bustling square, especially during the evening hours. There are quite a few museums worthwhile visiting such as the Museo Historico Franciscano and the Archaeological Museum. The church of San Francisco de Jujuy with traditional Franciscan architecture is another ‘must see’ attraction; many parts in this church were built in wood such as its altar and well decorated by local craftsmen. Do visit the small market area on the south side of the Rio Xibi Xibi which gives you an idea about the local delicatessen.

Tour the countryside

Hire a car in San Salvador de Jujuy and cruise the fascinating countryside. On the way out of the city watch the locals working in the Salinas Grande or salt fields. You surely will enjoy a swim in a thermal pool, surrounded by mountains, about 20km away from the city center. A must is a visit to the most picturesque village in the Humahuaca Ravine, Purmamarca, meaning “the lion's village” in the Quechua tongue, with its famous hill of the seven colors due to the various pigments acquired in the stony walls. A good 100 km away lays the Calilegua National Park with one of the richest biodiversities in Argentina. There is a big chance to see the world’s biggest flying bird, the majestic condor among over 250 other species, therefore a heavenly place for any bird lover. Other typical mammals include cougar, crab eating fox and endangered jaguar.

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There is so much more to do, from driving up mountains, fly-fishing in rivers or diving into crystal clear lagoons, the list is sheer endless and therefore a 100% success is guaranteed.

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05 April 2020

15°C / 19°C

Heavy Rain


06 April 2020

16°C / 17°C

Heavy Rain


07 April 2020

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08 April 2020

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