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Located on the western shore in a soft twist of the mighty river Paraná, between Buenos Aires to the southeast and Parana to the north, Rosario is also called the Salsa Capital of Argentina. It is the biggest city in Santa Fe province, the 3rd biggest in whole Argentine and is bordering with the Cordoba and Entre Rios provinces. Its climate is humid subtropical.

Car for hire in Rosario to enjoy an easy way to get around.

Use the services like car for rent in Rosario on your arrival at the Rosario International airport and drive the 13 km to the city. It will be the easiest way to conquer the town and its province. Let’s explore this fascinating city with its hundreds of neoclassical architecture buildings and houses and numerous cultural activities. It hosts several theaters and the new ‘Puerto de la Musica’ is the biggest musical performance center in Latin America. Have a stroll through one of the many fascinating museums in the city or visit the planetarium and the observatory. Sure that you will have to see an unforgettable Salsa night in one of it many night entertainment venues. And sure you will the trilled by visiting one of the many horse races, mostly held over the weekends.

Parks and beaches in Rosario

Rent a car in Rosario and relax in one of the enchanting parks around its city center such as the Bosque de los Constituyentes (Woods of the Constituents) with over 45,000 trees which are scattered over an area of 640 acres. Don’t miss the lovely beaches on the river Paraná for a lazy afternoon while watching the locals catching fish. One of the most popular beaches is ‘La Florida’ where chairs and parasols are for rent. Nearby bars offer all kind of soft drinks, bottled water and snacks. Try the delicious fresh river fish, prepared to its finest! If you are a bit more adventure minded, paddle a kayak across the wide river to one of the islands and thread your way through there vegetation-rich areas.

Tour the countryside

After the excitement of this busy city why not hire a car in Rosario and make a tour by yourself to the tranquil countryside of Santa Fe or its surrounding provinces. Have an eye to eye encounter with the Goucho’s while they show you their traditional work and maybe have a horse ride on their farm. Be sure to enjoy a feast in one of the unique farm restaurants. The exquisite meat of Argentines cattle ranches is one of the top exporting goods and best eaten in its original surroundings.

With a car rental in Rosario your vacation will be a full success.

Due to its enormous size of Rosario’s surroundings you surely will want to explore this great nature in the most comfortable way. The roads are great with clear signboards so that you can really enjoy this holyday at its fullest.

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