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Rio Cuarto is strategically located in Cordoba Province in Argentina, about 3 hours from the capital city of Cordoba. While it has many of the usual museums and Churches and shopping streets that tourists look for, there is something else in Rio Cuarto. To be specific, there are 10 huge craters near the city that were made by objects crashing down from outer space, probably a meteoroid. To see the craters and other sights in and around the city, you will need to get a car for hire in Rio Cuarto.

Rent a Car in Rio Cuarto for a City Tour

The three museums are the most famous of all the tourist attractions here. You must visit the Aerospace Technological Museum, the Rail Museum and the Historic Regional Museum that dates back to 1945. Assuming you have got a car for rent in Rio Cuarto, the Rio Cuarto (river) provides plenty of opportunities for recreation and camping. Parque Sarmiento has an artificial lake (Villa Dalcar Lake) where you can take motorboat rides and do some fishing. You will enjoy General Roca Square, the ecological urban park, and the grand structure of the Palacio Municipal.

Visiting the Rio Cuarto Craters

Put on your tin-foil hats, because these are no ordinary tourist attractions. These are huge craters created on the surface because something big crashed down from outer space 10,000 years ago. There are ten big teardrop shaped craters. "The Twins" are the most famous of these ten, and you can find these 2 mile long craters at La Valentina farm, located about 25 miles north-east of Rio Cuarto.

Visiting Towns Near Rio Cuarto

Rio Cuarto is strategically located for day-trips and tourist visits to most of the big cities in Cordoba Province. For starters, you can reach Cordoba in less than three hours on the RN 36. You could also take it slow and stop along the way at Villa Belgrano and Villa Carlos Paz. You can reach Villa Maria in a couple of hours on the RN 158, or you can go the other way to Villa Mercedes and San Luis.

How to Hire a Car in Rio Cuarto

There are three agencies offering a car rental in Rio Cuarto for visitors. One provides service for passengers at Rio Cuarto Airport (RCU), while the other two are on Constituci├│n and Cabrera near the city center. You can compare the agencies online, find the best deal and book your vehicle right away to ensure there are no hassles at the last minute after you arrive.

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