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Resistencia International Airport is the main airport for the whole province and serves about 100,000 passengers a year. Tourism is still underdeveloped in the area. Resistencia, which used to have an economy based on trade and agriculture, has now evolved to be a hub for commerce and services. Manufacturing industries here include textiles, food processing, lumber and leather products. You can get very good rates for car rental in Resistencia, especially if you make your bookings online before your travels.

Car for Hire in Resistencia – the Open Air Museum

This city is often called the “City of Sculptures” because it has over 500 works of art out in the open. If you hire a car in Resistencia, drive around the streets and see these monuments which may range from the religious to the abstract, the literal to the figurative. You may obtain a map from its tourist office showing the locations of these pieces. One explanation for the proliferation of these sculptures is that the city gives a tax relief for residents who place a sculpture prominently in front of their houses for a year. Also prominent in Resistencia are a number of murals by Argentinean artists, which also serve to give the city a contemporary look. Since 1988, Resistencia has hosted the Biennial International Sculptures Contest, and UNESCO has sponsored this event since 1997. The city uses the works created in the Biennial for display in public areas afterwards. During this event and throughout the year, it is possible to see the works in progress at the staging area. The next date for the event would be July 21-28, 2012.

The Economic Background of Resistencia

Resistencia is 10 km from Vilelas Port and 8 km from Barranqueras Port. The river has always played a part in the city’s transshipment role. Fishing expeditions are also popular here. Drive across the river on the General Belgrano Bridge to Resistencia’s twin city of Corrientes, which is the eponymous province’s capital.

Immigrants change the agricultural landscape

The colonization here occurred at a later date than other parts of Argentina, and this can be seen in the architecture which shows early 20th Century work. Immigrants from countries like Germany, Russia and Canada were instrumental in changing the agricultural landscape to one of beef and dairy production. This can be seen best at the Mennonite settlement on the Chaco Plain near Chaco’s 2nd largest city of Sáenz Peña, which is 170 km west-northwest away from Resistencia. This drive is part of the main road and rail route for Northern Argentina that reaches the foothills of the Andes Mountains.

Car for Rent in Resistencia – the weather is unpredictable

Due to the weather conditions in the Chaco province, the best way to travel here is to rent a car in Resistencia. This is literally one of the hottest Argentinean cities with extreme humidity, and lightning storms and sudden weather shifts are common. Heavy rainfall is experienced throughout the year. A number of tribes are native to this area, like the Toba, Wichi and Guaranis who hunted the land here before the European colonization. Visitors usually come to Resistencia or Formosa in the neighbouring province to learn more about the aborigines. You can drive to the San Fernando de Rio Negro Abipone Indians Settlement, the San Buenaventura del Monte Alto Indians Settlement, the Guacara Ruins or the Makalle Old Fortress to see the indigenous people as well as historical sites. At the same time, you can take back souvenirs as traditional crafts like baskets, pottery, weave work and leather goods are available throughout the region. You may also wish to visit the Chaco National Park, which covers an area of 150 km² full of small lakes, savannas, swamps and scrubland. The Park serves as a protected area for the over-exploited quebacho tree, but it also has an abundance of wildlife like cougars, South American tapirs, Black Howler monkeys and birds. The Toba and Mocovi peoples may also be found here. Visit Resistencia for a glimpse into this disappearing way of life.

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