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Neuquen is the capital of the Neuquen Province in Argentina and is also the most populous city in Patagonia. Neuquen is located at the confluence of the Neuquen and Limay Rivers, which then go forward as the Rio Negro. So if someone wanted to see where the River Negro comes from, then just visit Neuquen. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities, from city tours and the historic central park to fly-fishing and wine tours. Not to mention a trip back in time to the Valley of the Dinosaurs. If you intend to see and do all this, you will need to get a car for hire in Neuquen.

Rent a Car in Neuquen for a City Tour

One of the prime attractions for tourists is Central Park filled with trees and the old train station. The massive Roman Catholic Cathedral and the handicrafts fair in front of it are both just as fascinating. Assuming you have got a car for rent in Neuquen, the Limay River offers plenty of opportunity for public bathing, water sports and sport fishing. You will enjoy the strange "Whimsical Fountain" in the city center, and a visit to the National Museum of Fine Arts is a must. You might also find the observatory with its telescopes at Plaza de las Banderas quite interesting.

Take a Wine Tour in Neuquen

The best place for a winery tour near Neuquen is a visit to San Patricio del Chañar, which is about 45 minutes away on the RN 22. The guided tours are free, of course. You should visit wineries like the Bodega Familia Grittini, Familia Schroeder and Valle Perdido. Guests on these tours are invited to tastings and the wine cellars are opened too. But the highlight of the tour will inevitably be a fine gourmet meal washed down with the local wines.

Visiting Towns and Attractions Near Neuquen

The biggest attraction on the outskirts of the city is the Valley of the Dinosaurs, located in El Chocón, where you can see the ancient fossils and visit the paleontology museum. There are quite a few interesting towns nearby, including General Roca with its Apple Festival and the very strange Valle de la Luna Amarillo which is a moon-like desert valley. You might also go past Cutral Co to Zapala with its MOZ Museum, and this is about all you can see before you cross over into Chile.

How to Hire a Car in Neuquen

There are 17 separate agencies providing a car rental in Neuquen for travelers. Three can be found at the Neuquen Airport (NQN), while the rest are spread around in the Neuquen City/Downtown area. The easy way to do this is to compare the entire lot online. Choose a good deal you like and book the vehicle right now, so that there are no hassles or delays after you arrive in Neuquen.

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