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Mar del Plata is a seaside resort in Argentina's Buenos Aires province. It was a fishing village and remains a major fishing port, but these days tourism has taken over the local economy. The beaches are the biggest attraction, but the nightlife is pretty hot and comes with a variety of nightclubs and a massive casino which is now a landmark monument. There is no shortage of traditional tourist attractions either, with the Millennium Square and a landmark Cathedral as prime attractions. If you intend to see all the beaches and sights, you will need to get a car for hire in Mar del Plata.

Rent a Car in Mar del Plata for a City Tour

You can start with the Millennium Square with the dancing water fountain opposite the Casino Central Mar del Plata. Assuming you have got a car for rent in Mar del Plata, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Cecilia is well worth the visit, and so are the legendary sea lion sculptures in the Rambla and the Torreón del Monje on Punta Piedras Canyon. The sea lion colony is a must-visit and Camet Park is a popular attraction among residents.

Beach Guide for Mar del Plata Visitors

But unquestionably the prime attractions here are the beaches lined up along the 30 mile coast. The most famous of them all is Punta Mogotes, with 24 resorts and the port and innumerable facilities for beach goers all vying for space in a 2.5 mile long bay. Big Beach is an upscale beach with parking for 1000 cars, where the aristocracy from Buenos Aires would come to see and be seen. Water sports lovers will enjoy Varese Beach and the North Pearl beaches are great for surfing. There is also a nudist beach about 15 miles outside the city. The South Beaches are private ones used by resorts, while the Punta Cantera Lighthouse beach is an exclusive and romantic beach. Punta Iglesia and Bahia Playa Bristol offer pretty much the shortest route to the city center from the coast. The Chapadmalal beaches and their 9 hotels are a reminder of Argentina's experiment with social tourism.

Visiting Towns and Attractions Near Mar del Plata

No doubt the best option for a road-trip from Mar del Plata is a visit to Buenos Aires, which will take you over four hours on the Au. RP 2. If that sounds like a bit heavy, then take a nice coastal drive and enjoy similar seaside resorts every 30 minutes. Going towards Buenos Aires along the coast will lead you past towns like Villa Gesell, Pinamar, Mar de Ajó and San Clemente del Tuyú. Going the other way along the coast takes you past Miramar, Mar del Sur and Necochea all the way to Bahia Blanca.

How to Hire a Car in Mar del Plata

There are 11 agencies offering a car rental in Mar del Plata for visitors. Many of them are located at Mar del Plata Airport (MDQ) while others provide service from hotel lobbies and one or two have their own offices here. Regardless, you can compare all of them online, choose the best deal available and book your vehicle right now, so that there will be no hassles after you arrive in Mar del Plata.

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