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Malargue is a small and very attractive city in the southwest part of the province of Mendoza and about 400 km south of the same named provincial capital. It can be accessed from the Chilean side over the "Pehuenche" pass. Nestled at 1,400 m above sea level it features a dry climate, the summer average temperature is around 22 degree, in the winter months just above zero.

Car for hire in Malargue to experience the astonishing terrain

The small Comodoro D. Ricardo Salomón Airport serves Malargue where you best use the services like car for rent in Malargue to drive yourself to the nearby town. Its economy is mostly based on agriculture such as onion, garlic, alfalfa and seed potatoes. In the past, the local industries included oil exploration and production (now almost completely deactivated) and uranium mining. As a touristic area, Malargue provides hotels and cabins for its eco-tourism interested visitors in the summer and skiing in the winter at the nearby resorts of Los Molles and Las Lenas.

The city is known for its traditional dish, the chivito (baby goat). It hosts the annual National Festival of the Goat and the Provincial Festival of the Lamb, both hold during the second week of January.

Tour the city center

Rent a car in Malargue and explore the city with its lovely attractions. It is characterized by the quietness of its streets and the warmth of its people. Visit the Regional Museum with its wide range of themes such as archeology, history and mining. The newly erected Convention Center is as well highly recommended for a visit. A jewel is the local handicrafts market, known as “Mi viejo almacén” (My old grocer’s shop) and it offers a great deal of regional items. Spend some time at the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory, which offers a unique guided tour. Adore the Rufino Ortega Wheat-Mill Monument, which was one of the first hydraulic mills in Argentina.

Investigate the terrific countryside

After an excitement sightseeing tour through the town hire a car in Malargue, the best deal will be a 4 wheel drive and examine the great surroundings. Experience an adrenalin high by rafting down the upper Salado River, an absolute terrific and fun adventure. Make a trip into the Manqui Malal Mountains (only by 4 wheel drive is this possible) where you can admire the Chihuido Slope, a 25 hectare venue surrounded by over 500 meters of cliffs. Descend into ‘Witches Cavern’, one of the largest caves in Argentina, surrounded by myths and legends. Adore the over 800 volcanoes and around 1,000 volcanic cones in the La Payunia Reserve with its magic nature.

With a car rental in Malargue you can fully enjoy the magnificent sceneries.

The district of Malargue offers much then what written above which is just a small sample of the wonders which will await you. What are you waiting for, come and join in for an unforgettable holiday.

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