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La Rioja is the capital city of the same named province settled at the foot of the Velasco Mountains and located east of the province and west of the country. It also is the less populated province of Argentina and its climate is semi-arid.

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Use the services like car for rent in La Rioja on your arrival at the Capitán Vicente Almandos Almonacid Airport and drive the 7 km to the center where you will find very attractive accommodations according to your desire. The city and the surrounding area are full of exiting attractions with its great culture, gorgeous valleys, mountains and rivers. And with its long time wine culture it is an absolute fantastic place to enjoy a great vacation.

Tour the great city attractions

Rent a car in La Rioja and the city of La Rioja opens its doors to show its charm and memorable buildings, parks and churches ,where past and modern times have been able to blend in the streets of La Rioja. The odoriferous perfume smell of orange blossoms hangs over the city center with its main epicenter, the 25 de Mayo Square which houses the most remarkable buildings such as the Greek-Roman style Government house with its gallery courtyards, exhibiting the past governors of the province. In the same square lies the Minor Basilica of San Nicolás de Bari, built in Byzantine style, its central nave has a sanctuary for San Nicolás de Bari. Admire the temple of Santo Domingo, today hosting the Historical Museum, with its tremendous carved door and the crucified Christ of Cuzco. By touring this beautiful town you will pass the open and inviting wine cellars which welcome you to taste the various fragrances and flavors of Rioja wine .

Explore the terrific countryside

If you really like to experience the fullest of this amazing area it is highly recommended to hire a car in La Rioja, best with 4 wheel drive to traverse some quite rural and unpaved country roads. Adore the botanical garden, located on the slopes of the El Paimán Mountain range, with over 1,200 species of cactus. Tour ’The Lost City’ in the Talampaya National Park with its three kilometer wide volcanic crater and the spectacular reddish rock formation known as Los Chapares, declared a World Heritage by UNESCO. An absolute must is the visit to the Quebrada de los Cóndores Natural Reserve where you can admire the world’s biggest flying birds, the Condor. In tribute to this majestic bird the legendary rock group ‘Simon & Garfunkel’ dedicated the song ‘El Cóndor Pasa’ (The condor flies past) to this terrific vulture.

With a car rental in La Rioja your vacation will become a full success.

With all the attractions and legends this area has to offer, it just can’t be all written down to fully describe this terrific place. Come and experience it by yourself, it will surely be an unforgettable journey.

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