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La Plata is located in the region of the "Pampa Húmeda" and less than 60 km southeast from Buenos Aires City which makes it a very convenient place to be, closed by to bustling Buenos Aires but in a calm environment. It is a unique city, designed for its purpose as the Capitol of Buenos Aires Province, before it was actually founded in 1882. Between 1952 and 1955 La Plata was renamed Eva Perón City (Ciudad Eva Perón), then got its original name back. The climate is usually warm and humid in the summer with mild winters.

Car for hire in La Plata makes your travel plan a success.

Buenos Aires is served by its 2 international airports from where; with car for rent in La Plata you can enjoy an easy and comfortable ride for about one hour to reach your destination. With its many parks and boulevards rimmed with trees, it is simply called ‘the forest’. It is a city with tradition and history but having a European style. It is very easy to get around, the streets going east to west and north to south with its center point, the Plaza Moreno, therefore also known as the "City of Diagonals". There are many highlights worthwhile to visit such as the City Hall Building which has a German Renaissance style, the Cathedral opposite Moreno Square with a New Gothic style and its 37 French and German vitreous, the very well known Natural Sciences Museum which is considered the fifth important one in the whole world, the new theater and the hippodrome. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the picturesque "Ciudad de los Niños" (Children's City) which is the biggest undertaking for children in South America.

Enchanting surroundings of La Plata

Rent a car in La Plata and drive to one of the many enchanting parks for a picnic such as the Pereyra Iraola Park, Bosque de La Plata Park, The Magical Cave, to name just a few. Practice horse riding at Pereyra Iraola Provincial Park, the only biosphere reserve in the province. Have a great time at one of the great beaches in Punta Lara with swimming, jet skiing, windsurfing or sailing. Or spend a beautiful country day near Ensenada in one of the farms that offer agro tourism services.

Let’s go Tango

A must is a visit to Buenos Aires. Hire a car in La Plata and drive to this absolute terrific metropolis which is like the heart, 24 hours nonstop pulsating. Maybe it is a good idea to lodge in for one night. Do not miss to enjoy a terrific evening in one of the numerous Tango venues so that you really get the fibs!

Car rental in La Plata will give you the full advantage

There are so many attractions just waiting for you to discover and be a part in the social life of this great county. There is nothing left to dream of, it is all right here in La Plata and for sure, you will want of come back again!

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