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Located 60 km north of the Federal Capitol Buenos Aires, the small town of Belén de Escobar (or Escobar) is part of Greater Buenos Aires in the same named province of Argentina. Southwest lays the city of Pilar, to its north the city of Campana and in the west the Parana de Las Palmas River. Escobar has a humid subtropical climate. Because of its beautiful flower gardens it got the name National Capital of Flowers.

Car for hire in Escobar to enjoy an easy way to get around.

After your arrival in one of the two main airports in Buenos Aires, use the services like car for rent in Escobar to enjoy a comfortable ride of about one hour to reach your destination. In the year 1924 a Japanese citizen called Gashu settled here and started a small flower production which grew with the help of some other Japanese immigrants rapidly into large flower cultivations. Producers from Holland, Belgium, Italy and Portugal joined in and not long after it was nicknamed ‘National Capitol of Flowers’. Today with its 400 floral establishments, Escobar surely stands up to its name. The huge variety of plants and flowers became the main attraction for locals and foreign tourist alike. To acknowledge the importance of its flowers there is each year in September and October ‘The Flower's National Festival’ with parades and the election of the most outstanding nurseries.

Visit the numerous parks

Have a ride with rent a car in Escobar and adore the many parks in this pleasant town. The most outstanding one is surely the Japanese Garden or Temaikén, "Land of Life" and dedicated by the Japanese colony to the great founder of the city’s flower tradition. With over 30 hectares of terrific landscape and over 1000 trees and its unbelievable variety of flowers it is an absolutely outstanding park. All of the species have signboards to educate the visitors about their names and origins.

Tour the nearby surroundings of Escobar

Hire a car in Escobar and visit some marvelous places outside Escobar such as a visit to one of the many flower nurseries. Explore nearby El Cazador with its country style houses and unique landscape. Another great destination is Munchi's Farm with its great natural trails and lagoon. Here you can watch over 200 different bird species coming from all corners of the world. All the animals have been born in captivity; therefore, they have not been violently extricated from their natural habitats. It offers as well excellent home made ice cream, a delight for young and old. Several activities, such as drawing and painting workshops, photo exhibitions, plays for children, puppets, paper recycling and varied games makes it a real attractive place.

Car rental in Escobar will surely guarantee a fascinating holiday experience.

Due to its good road network and clear signboards it is the easiest way to get around Escobar and its surroundings with your own 4 wheels, enjoy a family van or a coupe, everything is easily arranged to benefit your stay.

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