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The city of Alto Rio Senguerr in Argentina is a fairly new township that saw development in 1949 with the arrival of missionaries that lead to more buildings and development in the little township. A holiday here will instill in you the pioneering spirit as the place is considered fairly remote. The lifestyle here is simple but the people are friendly and welcome visitors to their little town.

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The little town of Alto Rio Senguerr is actually located at the base of the mountains in the Chubut province of Argentina. Getting from the airport to the town is quite a distance and the best way to travel here is by hire a car in Alto Rio Senguerr, where if you were to make your bookings online you can be assured that you will use of the car upon your arrival at the airport. The cars are well equipped, in good travelling condition, with insurance and also great comfort for the long drives you will be doing.

A little knowledge about Alto Rio Senguerr

The name of the town was taken after an early expedition where the place was actually discovered after a long trek and having to cross the river, therefore the name of the town which means “river crossing”. Ironically the first person to be recognized and honored in the town is Step Schultz, who had a profession as a caterer and in his honor; the first building of the town was named after him! There are not many other buildings in the area during the early years except for the basics such as a school, some family homes and a blacksmith. In later years as the missionaries made trips to the town, they contributed to the development of other buildings such as the municipal buildings, schools, and housing for the teachers who came from afar to provide some form of education for the natives who were living in the town. Now the new developments include hotels, resorts, shopping and cultural centers to woo the tourist. With car for rent in Alto Rio Senguerr, you can explore the areas around this town at your own leisure.

Attractions of Alto Rio Senguerr

To see the great outdoors which is the prime tourist attraction of Alto Rio Senguerr, you will require the services of car rental in Alto Rio Senguerr to bring you around to all the natural wonders of the place. Take a ride to Lake La Plata which stretches all the way up to the Andes. There are many water sports available here that you can do to spend your time for a relaxing holiday. If you love fishing, give it a go at the river from which the town got its name. It is quite a challenge to catch the fish here; you might think they have been educated as they do not take your bait that easily!

Rent a car in Alto Rio Senguerr

This is the best way to explore the town and also the surrounding areas and nearby cities of Brazo Norte, El Coyte, Concepcion, Pastos Blancos and Temuco. These cities are not very nearby and will definitely require the services of a rental car to get you around.

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